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February 2023

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00:00:07 - Announcements

00:09:00 - How would you understand the relationship between a teleological essence, an angel or principle, and a resurrected body?

00:10:35 - What is the symbolic significance of the East?

00:16:54 - A question about David and Joab being opposites and right hand/left hand

00:18:56 - If you took a photograph of a saint performing a miracle (or doing an action that would appear in an icon) would it be proper to venerate the image?

00:23:36 - Could you speak on the symbolism of Alexander dying in Babylon?

00:24:49 - What is the symbolism in Joseph specifically choosing Simeon to bind and hold hostage in Egypt, until the other brothers returned with Benjamin? (Genesis 42:24)

00:27:51 - The purpose of Lent

00:29:03 - Mary Magdalene actually being the Indian goddess Kali

00:29:50 - What does it mean when JBP says the new atheists are alienated from their own morality

00:30:28 - Is it okay for a Christian who is genuinely interested in computer science and AI to work toward a career in that field?

00:32:13 - The symbolism of a smoking snake

00:34:04 - What’s the symbolism of the Chinese Spy Balloons?

00:36:54 - Have you ever gotten into the symbolism of the Don McLean song “American Pie”?

00:39:45 - Any thoughts on the symbolism of the popularity of vinyls

00:42:10 - Similarities between The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and the Peter Jackson series: the villain being conquered at the start but leaving behind a spirit

00:45:20 - What is the significance of JRR Tolkien’s flood myth of Numenor being based on reoccurring dreams he had? Does this mean the story came from somewhere deeper than his conscious mind?

00:46:53 - Is Putin playing the role of a modern Prester John? I couldn’t help but think of that when I saw all his talk of fighting back against the expansion of the secular and socially chaotic west to preserve the semi-monarchical Christendom model in Russia.

00:49:19 - What are the sources of dreams? How do we discern whether they are from God, the demons, etc? What should be a Christian’s attitude toward nightly dreams?

00:51:18 - Jonathan, what’s the symbolism of Jonathan?

00:52:04 - A question about the Roman calendar vs the Hebrew calendar

00:53:54 - A question about the symbolism of sitting and being sedentary and having bad posture, is it related to the “disabling spirit” the woman from Luke 13:10 was healed from?

00:55:20 - My question is about Abraham’s intercession for Sodom. They haggle starting at a higher number and work their way down to 10. What is significant about 10? And why not 1?

00:56:04 - If you had to predict, how long do you think it is until the world ends?

00:56:30 - What is the symbolism of John 5:4 and why was it omitted from some translations such as NIV? (Where an angel stirs up water)

00:57:30 - Do you ever get desperate and anxious when you pray and you feel like your prayers aren’t heard and it feels like you are just talking to a wall? If so, what do you do in these situations?

00:59:18 - In Genesis 21, Hagar nearly abandons Ishmael at Beersheba, then a few verses later Abraham makes a treaty with Abimelek at Beersheba. Is there a unifying symbolism between these two stories?

01:00:24 - What’s the connection between pain and humour?

01:02:15 - Are you able to expand more on why the Commandments around the Sabbath are fulfilled in Christ?

01:05:37 - Ash Wednesday and carnival marking the start of Lent

01:08:43 - In JBP’s Exodus, ep. 3, you spoke about Zipporah’s circumcision of Moses’ son as a cutting off of the strange in order to reveal the heart. Is there any connection between this and Jesus on the Cross?

01:14:08 - In regards to recent events, does the popping of the balloons further signify the end of the carnival?

01:14:43 - Is there symbolic significance to the “war on meat”?

01:15:41 - Another note about the circumcision feast and casting lots

01:16:27 - Do you have any advice for talking to Baptists about Orthodoxy? I want to explain my interest to my family but I’m afraid of burning bridges.

01:20:48 - A question about the pattern of a head discovering a divine foreigner in its body.

01:22:59 - Do you have any insights into the significance of Baptisms for the Dead?

01:26:08 - I do branding for clients (small businesses) and your teachings on symbolism have made me rethink everything. What are the biggest lessons brands can learn from symbolism?

01:28:45 - Can you talk a little about John the Forerunner’s diet of locusts and honey

01:30:12 - What is the difference between the metaphysical, the spiritual, and the immaterial? Are these all words that describe the same thing or are there differences that distinguish them?

01:32:18 - How should we understand the difference between ego and personality?

01:34:43 - Have you spoken about the symbolism of dancing before?

01:35:45 - What do you think of the Asbury revival?

01:38:10 - I am a young man struggling with sexual addiction, I’m not in a relationship and am still a virgin. What are things that would help me move past this?

01:40:58 - In John Heer’s Light-O-Meter test you answered “1” for the first question. Can you explain why? The question is “When I die I won’t really die all the way, it’s more like I’m asleep waiting for a next world of some sort.”

01:43:11 - A question about the frequency of releasing carving classes

01:43:43 - Since I believe your beliefs on symbolism to be more similar to Platonism (please forgive me if that’s wrong), I was wondering what your opinion on the metaphysics of St. Thomas Aquinas is?

01:45:20 - My girlfriend and I had a huge fight this Christmas as she kept claiming that the origins of Christmas were pagan, and this led to a bigger discussion overall about the supposed pagan origins of Catholicism. Could you expand on this please?

01:52:43 - You have talked several times about the orthodox idea of hell, and how this can be for instance to refuse the transformative fire of God. Are you referring to any texts in particular when you are speaking on this?

01:53:50 - Something that has long confused me is this: since God is All Knowing, wouldn’t he have been aware that we were going to “fall” when he created us? And in that sense, wouldn’t any sort of punishment (for lack of a better word) be like the painter blaming the painting?

01:54:58 - What’s the symbolism of daylight savings time?

01:55:25 - Do you have any more thoughts about the symbolism of the film medium and its audience in general?

01:57:51 - Back to paganism and Christian traditions

02:00:18 - What is the symbolism of someone eating/biting fingernails?

02:02:26 - Closing remarks and the next Q&A