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Apr 2019 - Flood

1:07 Flood news :(

12:02 Symbolism of the flood & garments of skin & monsters at the margins

19:35 What adversity is for

28:36 Western iconography

32:21 How church and salvation are connected - is it necessary to be in the church to be saved

36:34 Sabbath for Christians

39:31 The Joker villain. And why villains are so important in superhero stories (goes back to what he said at 19:35)

43:50 The symbolism of the first photo of a black hole

44:46 The symbolism of simulation theory

46:50 The role entertainment plays in the end of the world and laughter

50:55 Symbolism of birds

53:35 Symbolism of tattoos

56:54 The place for debate - disagreeableness

59:27 Demon possession

1:04:05 Religious chants in English vs in Latin/Greek

1:08:10 โ€œWhat do you make of the phrase: atheism is just another branch of Protestantism?โ€ 1:12:30 Fairies = leftover members of an old hierarchy

1:15:15 Defining the will of God and โ€œGod #1โ€ vs โ€œGod #2โ€

1:18:29 Symbolism of the hermaphrodite and its rise in the West

1:20:21 Mental/conceptual understanding of God vs a personal experience of God

1:23:02 Lilith (the first wife of Adam) & feminism

1:25:55 What the expression โ€œChrist in youโ€ means vs the idea of the Holy Spirit

1:29:47 Space & time in music