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Aug 2019

0:54 Flood news & housekeeping

4:39 Harry Potter: Voldemort & death

9:24 Significance of Adam being put to sleep during Eve’s creation

12:14 Fish painting in Jonathan’s house (before the flood) - Symbolism of fish

13:48 Is it significant that Judas betrayed Jesus with a kiss?

15:12 Why does the worship of the soil involve self-mutilation and human sacrifice?

18:43 Restraints in style of icons

23:50 Nostalgia

31:58 Is there a distinction between distraction and avoidance?

34:38 What’s the right way for Christians to evangelize in the modern world?

37:46 What Bible translation would you recommend?

39:09 Increase in channel subscribers

40:19 My evangelical wife won’t attend the Orthodox parish with me, any advice?

46:48 Is it possible for our society to push the negative aspects of modernity back into the margin?

49:08 Have you read anything concerning the new reactionaries?

54:26 What do you think about exorcisms?

59:06 What’s the meaning of incorrupt saints?

1:02:36 How do you interpret the passages where Christ says he came to bring division?

1:05:12 On debating about belief in God

1:07:42 Is there a unique type of Biblical symbolic language?

Same as July Q&A

1:13:51 Why was hell created and how?

1:18:11 Can you expand on the vinegar that was offered to Christ on the cross?

Back to August Q&A

1:20:47 Do you believe Christianity, more than other religions, most completely reveals the structure and meaning of the universe and God?

1:23:11 Is it necessary for Jesus to have been a historical person?

1:25:36 How do I share my experiences with others without disgracing the personal feminine experience?

1:28:00 Magic seems in part to be an inversion of the traditional means of approaching God? What is magic? How archeology can be like necromancy/magic

1:35:35 On taking a stand for or against Darwinism

1:40:14 Can you have a fully rational justification (aka argument) for God?

1:46:23 Symbolic differences between waters from above (rain), waters at earth level and waters that come from below?