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The Fool in Scripture and Culture | Saskatoon Talk

2:45 Ricky Gervais

6:45 To understand the Fool, meaning of nakedness (Discussion with MP?) - Other moments? @ 37:20, 46:38, 49:10

10:23 Medieval map as image of identity (Jordan Hall interview on Rebel Wisdom…)

16:16 Same as architecture of Church… Gargoyles (Batman video?)

17:38 Laughter meaning

18:50 Inversion festivals, Story of Esther

20:36 Medieval manuscripts, replacement of people with animals

26:28 Halloween

29:00 Carnival’s relationship with death

33:22 Garden of Gethsemane

36:53 Why LGBTQ flag is rainbow

38:21 King David story (NB) –> Story of Christ (was born in a cave btw)

43:47 …David, gambling/lots, nakedness –> Story of Christ (crucifixion)

50:37, again 55:10, again 57:17, again 59:00 Discerning fool and holy fool

56:30 Should we try to play the role of the fool?

1:00:01 Role of the foreigner

1:01:15 The holy fool’s relation to madness/mental derangement

1:02:50 Is Trump the figure of a fool?

1:03:17 How the fool is related to Satan? (Also 59:00 Regarding humility)

1:04:21 Hasn’t humanity been in the carnival ever since the fall? (Cycles & Sabbath)

1:08:26 Ornaments and placement

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56:03, 1:00:30 HCIST