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July 2018

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5:38 Introduction

7:31 Q: How do you feel about working so much more on computerised work instead of something you can touch and see with your hands like carving? Would the possibility of working full-time on youtube or such work be problematic for your sanity?

9:26 Q: Can you comment about the orthodox teaching about tollbooths? is it to be viewed strictly allegorically or is there a tinge of reality in it and if so to what extent?

15:56 Q: Singing has such significance throughout the bible and history (modern) but what is that significance, what is that common thread? ‘What’s the deal with singing?’ - Music

20:10 Q: In Matthieu’s book he cites Isaiah 45:7 with God saying he created evil. Can you expand upon that topic?

24:11 Q: What is your advice for Christians wanting to learn about symbolism?

27:12 Q: I’d like to hear your take on the muse & celebrities - refers to this again at ca. 45:17 → compile a clip about his take on celebrities?

28:55 Q: How do you define hierarchy?

36:46 Q: How does the spiritual world connect to the physical? I admit this question may have a vast answer, but I’m curious of specific examples. Where would this be represented in art?

40:40 Q: What are you’re thoughts about the mythology around Christianity? People like Dante, Milton, and Goethe. How do Christians incorporate them into our beliefs, or are they outside of the orthodoxy?

44:18 Q: After watching your last video, the story of Arron’s staff blooming came to mind. It just seemed so clear to me this is the cross, dead tree that brought life and fruit that brings life.

45:17 Q: There was a time when actors and musicians were the lowest in society.

45:34 Q: Thinking of the last judgement… Why do sheep go to the right and goats to the left? What are the differences that made them into these symbolic categories?

46:53 Q: Near the edge and at an end time, monsters and liminal characters seem to take over. When these times resolve back into order things are sorted out more definitely. Is that a good way of thinking of it?

47:48 Q: (Explanation of the Trinity)

53:41 Q: What would you say about the veneration of the mother of God? How has that been distorted by emerging feminine or goddess cults of the present age?

55:05 Q: Could you broadly discuss some of the blindspots the materialist worldview has?

58:31 Q: How do you pronounce Quebec?

59:07 Q: A discussion on New Testament spiritual gifts - specifically healing.

1:05:52 Q: Could you talk a bit about the rainbow?

1:10:03 Q: Could you go into more details about what makes a particular doctrine orthodox?

1:17:48 Q: How about the guardian angel? What are the practical implications of having one and how does it fit into Christian symbolism?

1:22:33 Q: Can you discuss prayer?

1:28:26 Q: You and Matthieu have mentioned that when you have a symbolic understanding you can see the outcomes of things. But with a culture so far from the agricultural language, how is this possible today?