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July 2019

3:15 What do you think about Jordan Petersons understanding of individualism and Jesus being an example of the perfect individual

9:10 A viewers personal struggle to find God intellectually and asks for advice

13:48 Can you talk about the symbolism about disability and how Jesus performs miracles to heal..

19:45 Can you talk about the Nous?

23:40 The symbolic meaning of stags in stories.

25:50 How is your graphic novel coming along and what do you think Christian artists/ movies get wrong about making religious media.

29:30 A question on postmodernism

32:28 What are your thoughts on numerology.

39:48 A question about government vs private charity

44:25 God is a woman, Vs masculine mapping/ dominating the world….

47:41 A question about God being Static as seen in the west or dynamic as seen in the east

. 49:21 You have said that Jesus telling Peter that he came to bring fire and that Peter should pick up his sword but not to use it are mystical questions ..explain

57:02 Why was Hell created and how?

1:00:47 Can you talk about vinegar being offered to Christ on the cross.

1:01:43 You once said that you bypassed Catholicism when looking for a church..can you tell us more.

1:03:01 What does new age lack that traditional religion does not.

1:05:05 A question about metaphors

1:06:35 Can you talk about “So as above so below, and as within so without “

1:09:33 Reconcile the 2nd commandment against iconography

1:14:33 1:15:29 Why do some people think there is a flat earth?

1:17:10 What are the negative consequences of systematising or articulating the feminine mystery

1:20:08 A question on Hell and ego…