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June 2018

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3:35 - Is there a connection between the feminine and the chaos at the beginning of creation in genesis? Thinking ito the Theotokos & the Holy Spirit

6:40 - How do symbols function in our spiritual formation? Definition of symbolism

9:05 - Symbolism of fetishes (including sexual ones) and idols - makes a connection with pride

12:09 - What do you think of the symbolism behind Judas being the only apostle not from Galilee?

14:43 - My mother was raised Catholic, my father Russian Orthodox. My father taught me more. I find myself very fascinated by the Byzantine Catholic Church, are you familiar? If so, what do you think of them? / Hierarchy of belief systems

17:34 - In a recent video with Matthieu you described how scientific theories were not considered part of the physical world from the scientific perspective. You alluded to how in general our perception of the world is a physical part of the world. Could you expand on this topic? How is perception part of determining what the world is like?

20:43 - How should symbols in liturgy be viewed if the New Sacrifice is a fulfillment of the types and shadows of the OT and therefore doesn’t deal in types but in realities?

22:47 - Would you consider suggesting Dr. Peterson that he talk to Jay Dyer? I think they could have a very productive conversation, and I gave JBP a binder w his bio in it already, so the groundwork is laid.

26:00 - Symbolic understanding of the divisions in the church - Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox? - Hierarchy again

28:27 - The subject of food and levels of nutrition - how it relates to the sacrifices of Cain and Abel - relate to fasting and food in Oct2019 Q&A.

33:46 - Desire and eros / Christian marriage

38:24 - The significance of left-to-right crossing in Catholic church vs right-to-left in Orthodox church

42:12 - Any further thoughts on The Symbolism Movement, so to speak

46:29 - Significance of a figure whose hands are cut off - the Mother of God and sacredness

50:06 - Will you cover any of the Avenger movies?

52:34 - Are you going to discuss any more folk tales?

54:27 - Giants in the Book of Enoch or in Jack and the Bean Stalk - something too lofty that’s trying to connect with something that’s too low

1:00:45 - The symbolism of Jonathan Pageau lol

1:00:55 - What’s your opinion on Gnosticism? - Disagreement with Jordan Peterson (JBP)

1:06:58 - Would you consider theosis/deification ecumenical doctrine?

1:08:28 - I want some liturgical art for my house that wouldn’t seem out of place and also function as a talking piece. Any advice?

1:09:44 - I find the Gospel of Thomas etc fascinating, do you think the Gnostic gospels are worthy of study and do you have any other recommendations? / Criticizing Gnosticism

1:12:38 - I read at times that paganism has interwoven itself within Christianity thus infecting it. This always seems like a story of a false resurection or mortals trying to bring back old, dead gods. Do you think there is truth to the infection caused by paganism and if so, is it a FALSE resurrection. / Integration of other cultures

1:19:36 - If the Catholic Mass looked more like what it did pre-1970s, would you put it closer to the Orthodox in your hierarchy, or are your core issues something else? Hierarchy of beliefs