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October 2020

0:00 Announcements: 2morVs Halloween stream. Carl Benjamin. Tom Holland.

4:32 Is there a connection between Jacob’s blessing of Ephraim and the fullness of the Gentiles that Pauls talks about in Romans?

6:06 Why does the blind man that Jesus heals leave his village and is told not to return?

9:36 What is your favourite monster?

9:53 Comments on Jordan Peterson’s return

12:31 Question on the pattern of evil in relation to Heaven/Earth dichotomy in Genesis

16:15 How does one stop fearing demons?

18:16 In relation to 666, can you talk about 6ft Covid policy and being ‘6 feet under’?

20:07 Can you get coronavirus from taking communion?

21:13 How does the Orthodox Church view the ‘Great Commission’ in Matthew 28?

24:24 Is the Devil a usurper or a modern-day anarchist?

25:44 Why do we see dead people?

28:15 Is there a way to ‘re-fang’ monsters without catastrophe?

32:05 When do Esau and Jacob reunite?

33:54 Is the idea that the wolf from Firebird fairytale is the Princess’ brother valid symbolically?

35:20 What is symbolic significance of King David eating the bread of the presence from the temple?

38:53 Is Kanye West the Katechon of 2 Thessolonians?

40:56 Could you go on Joe Rogan?

41:47 What is meant by ‘understand with their hearts’ in Isaiah?

44:55 Thoughts on Netflix’s Cuties film?

48:05 What does it mean to not have enough ‘body’?

51:41 Do you think it is possible to fully ecsape the materialist worldview?

53:13 What gives you hope?

55:45 Jacob is blessed over his firstborn brother. Who is the firstborn of Jacob’s sons? Who is blessed?

58:30 Thoughts on Dune?

59:21 How is your family?

Timestamps pt.2

1:00:28 Favourite Bible story?

1:01:21 Do you offer clergy discounts on your carvings?

1:02:04 How do you know what path to follow?

1:04:03 What is the symbolism of honeymoons?

1:06:20 What do the role of urban legends play in the symbolic worldview?

1:08:08 Did you ever struggle with liturgy over ‘off-the-cuff’ services?

1:09:09 What is the function of the Holy Spirit?

1:11:33 What is the symbolism of the Gospel and why do the angels long to look into it?

1:13:25 Do you find that inversion holidays can still provide value to Christians?

1:16:52 What is the symbolic meaning of Baal?

1:17:42 Thoughts on Kallistos Ware’s The Orthodox Church cover image of Jesus in a mandala?

1:19:21 Why do elves have pointed ears?

1:19:47 Is there a symbolism in the timeframes of the stories of Jesus’ childhood?

1:21:00 How can someone who has lost faith view the resurrection?

1:26:00 Why do you think it’s more accurate to say that Christianity is incarnational rather than salvational?

1:28:04 Does AI have symbolic meaning?

1:31:15 What works other than Dante’s are an ‘ark’?

1:34:30 What would be the symbolism of the gargoyle?

1:35:13 Thoughts on symbolism in Passion of the Christ?

1:36:27 What monster is most relevant this Halloween?

1:37:12 Do the two witnesses in the Book of Revelation relate to Peter and Paul? Moses and Enoch?

1:38:03 Any thoughts on the zodiac killer?

1:38:28 Thanks!

1:38:45 Any thoughts on films running about 2 hours in relation to gospels being 2 hours long to read?

1:39:27 Do eyes and wheels have a similar pattern?