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September 2020

00:00 Introduction - Lockdown

03:28 How does ‘I can’t breathe’ and masking wearing translate to a symbolic ‘loss of breath’ and is there something beyond breath?

05:20 Symbolism of the muse

06:40 Can you expand on the theme of inverted hierarchies? How to act?

11:20 How does the contrast of tree as order and forest as chaos fit into a traditional world view? Symbols as functioning differently in different contexts

14:52 Modern Christianity and multiculturalism - Christian universalism

18:58 Is the rider a principality and the mount a body? A joining of heaven and earth?

20:54 Do you think if someone discovered the Americas at a time when Ancient Biblical cosmology was prevalent there would have been less surprise?

24:23 Does purple relate to safety and security?

25:30 How to talk about inevitability/freedom?

29:19 Is men wearing masks in church beneath their dignity?

32:40 Advice on focus in art

36:27 Why are abstract concepts such as liberty, justice and wisdom personified as female?

37:04 Are angels capable of posessing someone as demons are? Can they be incarnate? What is Socrates’ daemon?

42:16 Can a Biblical pattern always be mapped to the personal?

44:00 What would you say to someone who says God could create the world without evil because God can do anything?

45:40 What is the importance of St John the Baptist?

48:30 Can you please elaborate on the fact that Christians do not go to Heaven?

51:53 Any suggestions on starting to learn iconography?

53:58 What are your thoughts on legitimacy of the papacy?

57:21 Have you read CS Lewis’ Space Trilogy?

58:17 Explanation of literal/symbolic distinction or lack thereof

1:02:26 Has your home life returned to normal now?

1:03:43 What is the meaning of the staff of Moses eating Pharoah’s magicians’ staff?

1:06:40 What is the symbolic view of humour and how does it relate to play theory or other theories?

1:08:44 Could you talk about the symbolism of Gideon?

1:11:03 Any advice for becoming a catechumen in the Orthodox church?

1:12:20 In what way is the breakdown of meaning a symptom of forgetting in relation to Book of Judges?

1:15:27 Do you have advice for Christian artists making para-liturgical art?

1:17:55 Do you have any thoughts on ‘systema’ the Russian martial art?

1:19:13 Is there a connection between breastfeeding and communion?

1:20:45 What is going on with Saul’s search for his father’s three donkeys?

1:22:02 What is the symbolism of 9/11 attacks?

1:23:40 Symbolism of what Jesus wrote in the sand in response to question on adultery

1:25:50 Why no hewn stones for an altar?

1:27:42 Do you acknowledge Queen Elizabeth II as your ruler?

1:29:06 What is the symbolism of Toy Story?

1:31:25 How does living inside a forest work symbolically?

1:33:43 What is the meaning of Jesus’ miracles?

1:36:38 Should we have faith your fellow countryman Denis Villeneuve will not ruin Dune?

1:37:37 Do you plan on retelling any more stories like Silence of Merlin?

1:38:22 Does today’s marriage have the same meaning as in the Bible?

1:39:50 What is the unforgiveable sin and is there anything like it in the Old Testament?

1:41:01 What is Orthodox view on the name Michael and the unique markers of his icon?

1:42:04 What can I read to regain connection to Orthodox faith?

1:43:38 Did Christ curse God in a way Job never did?