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November 2021

0:00 Announcements

11:23 Symbolism of the Orthodox Icon of the Holy Trinity (Rublev, bowl)

15:09 Can you help me overcome suspicion of myths? Are they garments of skin?

17:15 Umberto Eco thoughts

20:35 Symbolism of St Simeon the Stylite’s life

22:52 Symbolism of the deus ex machina

24:42 Meaning of St John’s ‘Now, there are many other things that Jesus did. If they were all written down one by one, I suppose that the whole world could not hold the books that would be written’

27:13 What do modern secular people not understand about participation?

29:29 Is there a difference between heaven and earth and the world?

31:16 Thoughts on Gaudi crowning buildings with a 3D cross

32:27 Can you explain the connection between the Divine Liturgy and the dinner table?

35:25 Any thoughts on Bhagavad Gita and Vedic literature?

39:05 Serpent imagery in Early Revolutionary America

42:36 Meaning of meteorite striking the statue in Daniel’s dream

47:33 Don’t the physical circumstances of mediated urban life prevent us from grasping symbolism?

49:34 Why pray for the souls of the dead?

52:50 Can you pray loved ones out of hell?

58:19 Should you be saying dimensional instead of fractal?

59:57 Have you heard of Full Metal Alchemist and its symbolism?

1:02:51 What is the symbolism of symbolic thinkers?

1:03:31 Are objective and subjective useful terms in talking about reality and consciousness?

1:06:40 What is the symbolism behind the saying ‘sins of the father’?

1:08:57 Could you clarify why you think that the procedure is not the mark?

1:15:17 What is the symbolism of prophet, priest and king?

1:19:45 Why does paganism necessarily end in human sacrifice?

1:24:46 Why does the Christian story only have white skin complexion characters?

1:32:10 Why does silver hurt monsters?

1:32:57 Is the relationship between demons and humans the same as Cain and Abel

1:35:05 What is the symbolism of the Pyramids of Giza?

1:36:35 What is the meaning of the moon landing?

1:38:32 Symbolism of piercings

1:40:24 Do you stray into the pattern of revolution when you say converted Rome is Constantinope?

1:42:09 Was there anything symbolic about the ‘80s Satanic Panic?

1:48:16 Is daylight savings a little 666?

1:48:54 What is the symbolism of torture and mind control?

1:50:34 Is Maui from Moana a St Christopher?

1:51:10 When you say eschaton do you mean ‘the age to come’? What is eternal life?

1:54:11 What the mandorla symbolises?

1:56:08 Symbolic meaning of trials

1:57:59 Symbolic relationship between the transfiguration, resurrection and the ascension?

1:59:34 Should you put spouse before children?

2:01:00 Difference between principalities, angels and spirits

2:04:45 Does Jesus ruling at his Father’s right hand imply equality? From what position is the Theotokos granted to rule?

2:07:17 Why are crowns associated with royalty and their symbolic value?

2:09:10 Why is baptism necessary? What exactly does it do?

2:12:26 How should we conduct ourselves in the present authoritarian situation so that we become useful and a positive force.

2:14:15 Why do some contradictions seem to point towards a higher form of truth while others seem to shaw hypocrisy and destroy what relies on the contradiction.

2:16:03 Is then idea of monsters used against other monsters related to Jung’s idea of the shadow?

2:19:25 In the book ‘The Cloud of Unknowing’ there is a centering prayer talking about the cloud of forgetting below and the cloud of unknowing above. Could you talk about this a bit?

2:21:53 Genesis 15 describes land animals being cut in half while birds are not. What is happening in this passage?

2:23:58 John Vervaeke’s relevance realisation seems bottom up and top down at the same time so what is the issue with thinking of it us dwelling in angels and angels dwelling in us?

2:26:00 When a person pursues a profession there is an aspect of personal drive and an economic climate. Can the climate be seen as feminine and the drive as masculine?