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Jan 2019

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3:53 - Do you have any of your carvings on display in your home? Do you have a prayer corner with icons?

6:04 - Can you talk about holy water? Placebo effect / Blessing

14:29 - Can you comment on the symbolic world of Joseph and his conspicuous absence from the story of the visitation by the Magi / Cuckoldry

19:40 - Thoughts on art galleries? Difference between that an art form a traditional perspective

23:22 - What’s the purpose of life? Spoiler alert: deification

24:46, 1:10:14, 1:23:17 - Story of Jonah and account of shipwrecking of St Paul on his way to Rome in Acts 27

25:25 - Significance of 12 layers of precious stone, the foundation of the new Jerusalem / Symbolism of 12 / Book of Revelations

30:39 - What would you consider to be the most important theme in Matthieu’s book?

32:23 - Symbolic significance of the 144 servants during the end times / Book of Revelations

34:02 - Do you see the rise of the modern concert as a symbolic supplement for the lack of a sacred center? Misguided liturgy? How might one turn this on itself?

38:51 - How should Christians wrestle with the plurality and the concept of the hero’s journey? How would you argue that the meta-narrative of the Bible is more sacred than other myths or religions? (There’s a lol here)

49:12 - What should the relationship be between the individual and the garments of skin?

54:36 - Conversation with Andrew Gould about hierarchy, the balance between order and chaos

58:11 - One of the things that concerns me about modern Christianity is that the tradition, being founded over 2000 years ago, fails to mention certain things that I think are now important. / Is religion outdated? / The Book of Enoch, technology, 666

1:11:28 - On carving: how to sharpen gauges?

1:12:37 - Do you ever consider debates?

1:15:45, 1:23:47 - Have you seen Mull monastery icons?

1:16:59 - What’s the purpose of confession?

1:24:06 - Care to weigh in on the Covington fiasco?