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January 2021

00:00 Introduction - Website Update, Forums, Raffle

07:19 Did theology ruin everything?

09:40 Any symbolic insight on the Trisagion Prayers?

11:59 Can you talk for a bit about Maximus’ writing about God’s movement in the unity/monad to rest in the triad/multiplicity?

14:12 When should the Church civilly disobey the state?

16:55 Is unrestrained self-indulgence a symbolic element of zombies?

18:21 What do you think of the fairy tale, found in Grimm Brothers’ collection, “Iron John?”

19:17 Do the Orthodox say symbols are real as opposed to ‘just symbolic’ or ‘real’ in relation to the Eucharist?

20:47 What are the Judges in the Book of Judges judgding?

22:59 Do you see any symbolism in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

28:12 Question on frames as creation of potential outcomes (karmic knots)

29:43 Would it be acceptable as a Christian to assassinate Hitler in WW2?

30:44 What’s up with Rennaisance art?

34:41 Question on the metaphysical status of higher-level beings

39:24 Any thoughts on the symbolism of the Gamestop situation?

41:10 What’s the symbolism of Israelites entering Egypt as high status honoured guests, but over time becoming second class citizens and slaves?

44:33 Were you ever inclined to experiment with animation? Can an icon move?

46:32 Is the US Congress’ prayer to Brahma related to the bull-horned shaman later storming the Capitol?

52:30 Are we truly in the Age of Aquarius?

54:35 Symbolism of inflation in relation time/space per Language of Creation

56:55 What is the symbolism of a star hatchery or nebula

57:38 Is there a way to flip Derrida’s virology approach to ‘infect’ the world with Christianity?

1:02:04 Question on flips between layers of manifestation in relation to politics in the USA

1:04:43 Is Christ the symbol of all symbols and the key that connects all things together?

1:06:19 Question on ideological thinking and the loss of distinction between true and false

1:10:37 With the rise of divisions in politics what do you think will be the giant one-eyed psychic squid monster to bring us together?

1:12:27 Could you give a short summary on what the first ten numbers represent in symbolism?

1:15:27 How do you interpret Christ’s warning against being lukewarm?

1:19:04 What happens to one who chases sexual adventure?

1:20:20 Why is there no real romantic love in the Bible?

1:22:25 What do you think of Rastafarianism?

1:23:26 Do you see the inevitability of God’s will in Tom Holland’s book Dominion?

1:27:12 Why do eunuchs kill Jezebel?

1:28:52 Comment on discussion with Matt Fradd on nudity’s relation to sacredness

1:30:22 How should I approach my conversion to Orthodoxy?

1:30:54 What is the relationship between idiosyncracy and multiplicity?

1:32:51 Does the Bible act as a mediator between fugitive human and eternal plight towards Jesus like an anchor?

1:34:44 How do you interpret Matthew 10:34-39 ‘not but peace but sword’?

1:39:38 What has been the most significant lesson from all your years of marriage?

1:40:32 What is the symbolism of the Evangalists in relation to the angels in Ezekiel and the beasts in Revelation?

1:43:12 What does it mean to sin against the Holy Spirit?

1:43:56 How can we be praying for you?

1:45:53 Why is reason not enough and where did it go wrong?

1:48:23 In Rene Guenon’s books he is critical towards psychology, what is the right place for it in your view? (And comment on Ian McGilchrist’s Master and His book ‘The Master and his Emissary’

1:52:05 What is the significance of Christ’s first miracle of turning water into wine?

1:53:14 Question on the idea that we are called to die on purpose, as Christ did.

1:56:47 Thanks for the t-shirts and prints

1:57:51 Could you comment on Theotokos as both virgin and mother?

2:02:28 How can I introduce the symbolic worldview to my family who regard the Church Fathers as occult?

2:07:15 What is your opinion on natural magic in Christianity?

2:08:39 How do I approach interpreting the Book of Revelation?

2:09:07 What are your views on Hindu deities and rituals to them at CERN?

2:10:26 Could you explain the symbolic meaning of modern Christian praise and worship?

2:13:15 Have you ever looked at the ROTAS square?

2:14:20 Have you ever considered having Nassim Taleb on your channel?

2:15:28 Are you familiar with Neon Genesis Evangelion?

2:16:06 Do you think the way the world sees design today is how people saw art in ancient times?

2:17:29 Thoughts on technology - how can we rejoin art and technology?

2:18:45 What are your thoughts on Origen?

2:21:20 What is the most righteous way to celebrate God through Art?

2:22:38 How is the God’s Dog project doing also what do you think of Paul’s Language of Creation video?

2:25:17 Thought on Oswald Spengler’s view of history Rome/Babylon etc being typologically similar?

2:25:48 When will you talk to Bishop Barron?