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January 2022

00:00:00 - Announcements

00:03:29 - Explain what you’ve called the great pitfall of the scientific world view: that it fails to include its model of the universe in the universe

00:07:35 - What is the symbolism of repairing teeth?

00:09:24 - What movies/filmmakers did you like when your taste was more arty and idiosyncratic and what are your opinion of them now?

00:12:40 - Do ‘digitally printed icons’ always have to originate from a photo/scan of a hand-painted icon in real life? How do you feel about digital icons?

00:18:03 - What is the symbolism of bigfoot?

00:20:47 - Why do The Simpsons keep accurately predicting everything that happens?

00:25:08 - I would like to know more about the symbolism of iron

00:29:18 - How do you distinguish between an enchanted world in the medieval Christian sense and a sort of animist worldview which acknowledges the spiritual aspect of all things but is not Christian?

00:32:53 - What is the difference between thoughts, ideas, categories, and spiritual beings (angels, powers, principalities, etc.), both in how we engage with them (host/give them body) and their impact on who we are (our identity)?

00:40:46 - Esau and David’s physical descriptions are very similar in Scripture (both are described as ruddy) yet one is a hunter and the other is a shepherd. What is the symbolism of their physical descriptions with their contrasting treatment of animals?

00:42:47 - What are your thoughts on the apparent pattern of the outsider from the minor realm coming to rule great empires during times of crisis, often with violent consequences?

00:46:43 - What is a good story for understanding the pattern of prophecy or prediction? The good and the bad.

00:47:17 - What is the symbolism of killing 1000 men with a donkey’s jawbone?

00:49:44 - What is the symbolism of cancer and do you think that cancer is “random” or the luck of the draw so to speak or is it a manifestation of something bigger in a person’s life. Do you think the particular type of cancer is also meaningful?

00:54:25 - I saw an article which revealed that (since 2005) January 6th is the day with the most deaths on average. Any thoughts on that?

00:55:30 - What relationship do you see between Frodo showing Gollum mercy (to be betrayed), and Jesus choosing Judas as a disciple?

00:57:22 - How true is it that we’re supposed to choose Christ instead of good or evil?

00:58:10 - What do you mean with the year of the Ronin?

00:59:25 - Before the modern age, why were cats associated with demons?

01:02:21 - I recently watched you say that fractalization is tied to death. Is there a way of attending that doesn’t result in breakdown?

01:06:42 - What’s the symbolism of the laying on of hands?

01:07:33 - Are there any High School age-appropriate novels and films that you would recommend that I teach for their symbolic richness and resonance, and/or any particular books you would recommend to me as a teacher to help me approach teaching my classes?

01:09:52 - Have you ever read anything by the American Pragmatists William James or Charles Sanders Peirce?

01:10:26 - Can you talk about the symbolic meaning of stoning a person? Is it related to the heap of stones that Jacob and Laban used to make a covenant with each other?

01:11:39 - Does God ultimately reconcile all beings to himself or will some forever remain estranged? What’s the big picture/pattern?

01:16:12 - Is there much difference between the Platonic Forms and the patterns you talk about in your videos?

01:17:48 - Conservative Punk, The Great Divorce & Dante’s Inferno

01:19:22 - Conservative Punk cont. Should those who want a traditional hierarchy in society act rebellious in the manner punk music calls for? Is being a “conservative punk” an oxymoron?

01:20:26 - In your spare time, can we get a video aimed towards teenage kids discussing Covid, media propaganda, social media/phone addiction, excessive gaming, and any other relevant current issues our teens face

01:21:38 - Are you familiar with the traditional art styles of retablos and reredos, and how do you think they relate to traditional Eastern iconography?

01:22:46 - What do you think are C.S. Lewis’s flaws as a thinker, if any?

01:24:30 - Is Irony an angel or a demon?

01:28:27 - What’s the symbolism of feeding the five thousand with five barley loaves and two fish? I’m especially interested in the patterns of eminence and emergence taking place within the narrative sequence.

01:31:19 - When Christ commands the tempest after sleeping in the boat, and then casts out demons upon waking up, is this a prefiguration of his descent and resurrection?

01:32:51 - What are your thoughts on the Protestant doctrine of Sanctification and its distinction from Theosis?

01:36:47 - What do you think about the Great Resignation (the phenomenon that around 40% of young people are either quitting their jobs or are thinking about it).

01:40:55 - What do you make of the differing accounts of the Gospels? In protestant discussions it is claimed that this is what makes the story authentic but after listening to you I think there is more to it than that.

01:43:08 - Can you talk about the relationship between St Christopher and the Virgin Mary?

01:46:31 - Question about feminine and masculine symbolism

01:47:40 - In a symbolic world how do people ascend symbolically and avoid alienating or leaving behind persons at lower levels of understanding?

01:51:59 - Do we exist before we were born or does our existence start at the womb or after we are born? What is the Orthodox take on this?

01:53:01 - When the kingdom of Israel splits in two, from a symbolic perspective, why is the division so lopsided?

01:53:57 - What symbolic insight is told in the story of Lasarus’ death and is his sister Marta important for this symbolism?

01:56:17 - What is the symbolism of inverted perspective in iconography?

01:58:13 - Kanye recently released a video for his song Heaven and Hell, which features imagery heavily influenced by classic art. What were your thoughts on this?

02:04:25 - Matthew 12:43: The dangers of getting rid of bad habits

02:08:20 - How would you understand a social contagion from a spiritual perspective?

02:11:46 - Are the only two choices God or nihilism?

02:13:39 - Why does Christ say that we shouldn’t swear by anything, but to let our “yes” be yes and our “no” be no?

02:16:25 - Which Christian apologist and atheist would you like to best see in a debate?

02:17:43 - Are there any symbolic links between the Canadian trucker protest and historic and/or biblical events?

02:21:01 - Is the sabbath the center or the margin?

02:21:54 - Question about ronin (asked before)

02:22:25 - Outro