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June 2021

00:00 Intro (Updates and new channel intro)

09:35 What is it that predisposes people in certain countries to see UFOs?

13:25 How should we understand the nature of tradition?

16:12 What is the symbolism of malicious compliance?

18:24 What is the meaning of Islamic patterns?

20:00 Could you elaborate on holy anger in relation to Prince Ivan of Firebird legend?

22:07 Can you discuss the symbolic relationship between oil and blood?

23:59 What is the symbolism of naming after something?

26:40 What is the symbolism of mermaids?

30:02 Is the act of creation a precursor to the Fall in its creation of multiplicity?

33:30 What is the symbolism of the plague of hail in the book of Exodus?

37:36 What is the symbolism of Dracula’s castle giving out vaccines using vampire imagery?

38:56 Can you discuss the role of the USA’s west coast in our apocalyptic time?

46:19 What is the right thing for a parishioner to do as churches change for the worse?

50:10 Have you seen the trailer for the new film adaptation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight?

51:55 How does the mount influence the characteristic of a rider in relation to the whore of Babylon in the book of Revelation?

55:10 Why don’t sunglasses have the same effect as a mark as normal glasses?

57:08 The name Benjamin means ‘son of my right hand’ but left-handed people are associated with the tribe of Benjamin - why?

59:00 What’s wrong with Charismatics?

1:02:35 What is your symbolic interpretation of Frankenstein? What kind of music do you like?

1:04:37 Can you talk about your most extreme memory of time in Africa?

1:09:16 Can you comment on Psalm 133?

1:11:33 What do you think the popularity of ASMR says about modern society?

1:12:02 In the movie Beowulf he curses Christianity as ending the age of heroes, any thoughts?

1:13:30 Why in hagiographical texts is it said that the pagans worshipped stone and wood?

1:15:25 Talk about Luck

1:18:24 Why does the altar have four horns?

1:20:28 What is the symbolic meaning of using a language that people have a hard time understanding in relation to Church Slavonic?

1:25:42 Is materialism a giant century-spanning anti-magic spell?

1:26:09 Jesus sweating blood a mini version of the blood an water coming out of his side and is it related to birth?

1:26:45 What is the symbolism of the five second rule of dropping things on the floor and germs? How do you feel about being the intersection between the IDW and the AFCU?

1:28:01 Any insight on Christ sanctifying the stages of life in particular old age?

1:28:32 What is the meaning of St Peter being crucified upside down?

1:30:25 How should we think about organ donations?

1:30:55 What do you think about how JK Rowling uses symbolism in Harry Potter?

1:32:31 What is the symbolism of the Icon of the Martyrdom of St Ignatius of Antioch and the lions?

1:34:00 What is the significance in the Icon of Pentecost of the man who represents the Cosmos?

1:35:57 Any thoughts on Rasputin?

1:36:20 What’s the symbolism of body switching stories?

1:37:21 What is the symbolism of the atom splitting and its power?

1:38:08 What do you think of John Vervaeke calling you a more radical Christian than you realise?

1:39:24 What do you make of the list of names/genealogies in the Old Testament?

1:40:09 How can symbolic analysis be used to explain more about our experience of time?

1:41:16 Could you give an analysis of the anarchy A

1:42:15 Is there a similarity between Jordan Peterson and St Christopher?

1:43:04 Why come back to earth to get bodies again instead of being with the saints?

1:45:30 Does a song have an angel?

1:46:44 What do you know about El Hanan and David and Goliath?

1:48:01 Do our beliefs always come from ‘above’?

1:48:47 What is the relevance of Christ’s ‘do not resist evil’ in relation to transhumanism?

1:50:31 What is the margin geographically in cities?

1:53:54 Is there a modern reading source other than the Bible that refers to the patterns you speak about?

1:55:52 Are you familiar with Neon Genesis Evangelion?

1:56:11 Do you know the myth of the devil’s bridge?

1:56:39 How do you interpret the city on the hill and the city on the water regarding Aeneas and Dido, Rome and Troy?

1:58:11 What are your sources on principalities etc?

1:59:10 Is it legitimate to interpret the cross of Christ as a manifestation of the spacial axis?

2:00:02 Can you give your thoughts on the Euthyphro dilemma?

2:00:49 What does the resurrection of Christ symbolise?

2:02:00 What are your thoughts on intellectual property?

2:02:49 What is the Orthodox view of what Christ accomplished in his passion?

2:03:38 What is the symbolism of desalination?

2:04:37 Do you see a parallel between the Tower of Babel and modern globalism?

2:08:24 What is the symbolism of soldiers?

2:09:36 Is Christopher Nolan playing out the pattern of his namesake in relation to Tenet?

2:10:37 Is only the Church the body of Christ in Scripture or is it all of creation?

2:11:54 What did you mean on people not being able to tell the difference between hybrids and synthetic beings?

2:15:40 What’s the symbolism of this very particular situation?

2:16:18 What do you think of meaningwave and Akira the Don?

2:17:30 Any comments on Fr Seraphim Rose’ critique on evolution?

2:20:58 Could you shed some light on laying out the design of a home as a domestic church?

2:21:41 Have you read far eastern folklore?

2:22:25 What are your thoughts on Protestantism?

2:24:13 Did you ever consider Catholicism before becoming Orthodox?