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February 2021

7:31 What is the relation between sacred liturgical language from other languages?

11:28 What is the macro vision of the symbolic world?

14:06 What is the symbolism of Genesis 34?

22:41 Is there something wrong about a virtual eucharist?

25:37 What is the meaning, in Psalm 50, of the line “…prevail when Thou art judged.”?

26:38 What is the best way to start joining the Orthodox Church?

28:11 Why don't the Orthodox draw Jesus Christ as a lamb?

31:51 What is the symbolism of milk and honey?

34:19 When the Bible speaks of the Church does it mean a denomination?

35:40 Could you talk about the Divine Council?

39:19 How do you see different counselling approaches such as psychoanalysis?

41:47 What symbolism has captured your attention at the moment?

42:57 You have said more bad things about Michelangelo’s art, than Raphael and Leonardo have said combined. Are you not afraid of she-bears coming after you?

44:39 Are we living in the time of excessive chaos or order, is this a residue of WWII?

47:55 Where do dinosaur fossils fit into the symbolic world?

51:24 How do we overcome the spirit of confusion?

54:34 What is the symbolism of sealing?

58:07 I got my obviously santa claus exists t shirt

58:42 If enlightened culture is 'de-personing', does this system eat itself in the end and bring the return of the person?

59:58 Can you explain the story of Jacob wrestling God?

1:02:39 Symbolism of the boogie man and monsters under the bed?

1:04:13 Apart from ornamentation, how should art be integrated into a home?

1:07:14 Can you give a dumbed-down version of how miracles relate to the placebo effect?

1:10:09 Have you watched Full Metal Alchemist?

1:11:13 How and why did the Christian depiction of the crucifix with Christ on change over time?

1:15:12 Can you talk about the meaning of sex and its binding of people together?

1:19:25 Can you clarify your dragons more real than dinosaurs thing?

1:21:52 Is there a conflict between the path of theosis and the social solidity of the church?

1:26:30 Are tech people aware they are unintentionally serving as priests for foreign gods?

1:28:51 Can anything except a major catastrophe change our course?

1:30:13 Can you elaborate on when you said 'the pattern of reality is so overwhelming that only the saints can access it'?

1:33:13 What talisman can an unmarried person wear against promiscuity?

1:34:13 Does the 'Hail Mary' have the same sort of structure as the Jesus prayer?

1:35:35 Could you talk about discernment in relation to other virtues?

1:36:48 What do you think of the Bible Project?

1:38:52 Is it wise to say that stories are akin to mathematics?

1:39:35 Question on not discriminating on what you eat in relation to the Desert Fathers and fasting

1:41:57 How would you describe the difference between the improvement of one's psychological well-being and deification?

1:44:43 What is the symbolism of volcanoes?

1:45:34 What are your thoughts on the relation between Christianity and Islam?

1:47:58 Have you any advice for those working in tech?

1:51:52 What does the burning bush of Exodus symbolise?

1:53:12 Please shill more for Odyssey

1:53:52 How do you find the balance between telling the truth and not exposing?

1:56:24 Why does God order a man to be killed for working on a Sunday?

1:58:26 Do you think that Eve was tempted by the snake in the garden on a sexual level?

2:01:15 What is the feminine aspect of God?

2:01:47 Given your fluency in multiple languages, does the cosmos manifest itself differently?

2:02:40 Are EDM raves like the antichurch?

2:03:22 Why did you choose Orthodoxy rather than Catholicism?

2:04:47 Paintball for Jesus - for or against?

2:05:14 Thoughts on Joseph Campbell?

2:07:10 How we can test/prove theories on symbolism?

2:08:52 Can I use Ibn Arabi's prayers?

2:12:09 Thoughts on the grail myth as a source of western individualism?

2:13:53 Which books would you recommend for a ten year old?

2:14:46 Do good stories consciously embody or accidentally take on symbolism?