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May 2019 (mystical musings)

5:26 - Understanding the word “belief” / Evolution

9:54 - Christ as a serpent? Serpents in Orthodoxy - article in OAJ

16:01 - Can you talk about the figure of Melchizedek and his relation to Christ?

23:16 - Thoughts on wizardry and on laughter breaking the spell? Benjamin Owen. What is wizardry?

31:12 - Symbolism of multi-dimensional worlds in fiction? Fascination with possibility as such

36:45 - Your ideal political system for society?** Why do you reject the Pope?***

47:59 - Individual vs Collective (Individual vs person) Modern worship of the individual - aka the personality

54:13 - I understand that God is good/benevolent, but why does he need us around? Divine energies***

1:01:57 - What’s the end game of evangelization?

1:04:14 - Orb at the bottom of the water? Is it the Logos? Return to the origin? (Talk with JBP)*** Connect with that video for context

1:07:59 - Thomas Aquinas and the 12th century breakdown (NB for FSM)

1:11:03 - Book recommendations (The Meaning of Icons. Check the reading list on Jonathan’s website) Modern writers

1:15:37 - The divine Logos is hidden in all things