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Mar 2019

1:10 Can you talk about your new technique of setting stones into your carvings?

4:38 What are your thoughts on the Yang Gang meme?

7:54 Symbolism of a demigod?

10:36 Symbolic significance of global warming / climate change?***

17:38 Symbolism of adaption?

20:55 Fairies, principalities & psychedelics

28:34 How dangerous is Alex Jones?

32:47 You’ve said that we have not learned the correct lessons from WW2, what lessons should we have learned? And why did we arrive at the position we have?

38:09 I see a progressive authority that thinks of itself as a resistance movement but acts like an establish order. This is confusing symbolically, can you unpack this?

43:10 Jordan Peterson not being a Christian

47:10 Is forgiveness possible in a secular context?

50:07 What’s the relationship between truth and love and which is in higher rank?* - disagreement with JBP

53:06 The paradox in Christianity (earth vs “fairy land”) Left and right

1:00:18 Are there any other figures like St Christopher? Spoiler alert: donkeys. Left and right hand.***

1:07:35 Compare stories of Noah and the shipwreck of St Paul

1:12:24 Hermanubis’ relationship towards St Christopher

1:16:00 Thoughts on the agency of holy relics and miraculous icons?

1:22:56 With Christ defying categorization, embodying paradox, is this an example of Christ as a supreme individual? That we should seek to follow this example of not being able to be put into categories?