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Sep 2018

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7:39 - Symbolism in music (Black bird and Let it Be by the Beatles)

11:15 - How do you know when an angel is visiting you? And how do you know when the angel is one you can handle hosting? (Hospitality)

14:24 - Does Santa and principalities have any potentialities of perception, intellect of agency apart from his mystical body? God is not like Santa

21:24 - Psychedelics, visions, dreams - the purpose of the spiritual life

23:35 - God’s essence and energies & deification (Read the Way of a Pilgrim)

28:15 - Symbolism of ravens? Symbolism is not a simple system of meaning - it’s a network.

33:37 - Please do a Q&A with your brother Matthieu

34:23 - The significance of hair and facial hair of saints in icons, specifically Jesus’ hair.

40:06 - Have you read The Brothers Karamazov?

40:56 - Symbolism in the film Ponyo

41:49 - Do you have a structure in organizing your ideas on symbolism?

45:11 - Which came first? The meaning or the matter?

45:35 - Symbolism of nationalism and hosting angels

50:40 - How important is proselytizing in the Orthodox faith?

52:16 - Discerning the fool for Christ

55:42 - Can you explain your interpretation of Matthew 16:18? “Unto Peter I will build my church” Does this validate Papism?

1:00:47 - Jacob wrestling with God (doesn’t say much here)

1:01:08 - Why are angels depicted in icons but God the Father isn’t? (not that long clip)

1:04:11 - Can you be a Christian and an occultist?