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July 2020

00:00 Introduction & tribute to Paschal (R.I.P)

04:21 What is the relationship between mythos and ethos?

07:30 Is submitting/embody a principle similar to hosting angels?

08:55 Anything to interesting say on the centurion from Book of Matthew (Mt 27:54) re: conversation with Paul V (fifth of his name)?

10:46 What are some comparisons and contrasts between Rabbinical Midrash and the Theoria Allegory of the Church Fathers utilised in interpreting scriptures?

14:59 How can I best raise my children with the symbolic world view?

16:29 What is the symbolic worldview of fire arms?

17:50 Has modernity caused God to distance himself from us and so miracles occur less frequently?

19:31 Do you recommend any literature to better understand magic?

25:10 What advice would you give in learning to control your passions?

26:50 How does the symbolism of the mask compare to the veil?

29:35 What’s the significance of the fact that God is the one who gives the first supplement in the garments of skin?

31:37 What is the proper Christian way of thinking what happens to us when we die?

35:43 What would be the most succinct way of talking about life after the Last Judgement?

40:43 Can you comment on the symbolism of shoes?

43:35 How can I look at Eliade’s view of Christian time as linear in ‘Myth of Eternal Return’ symbolically and what is your view?

46:42 What is the symbolism of chess?

49:05 Could you describes the qualities of salvific passions as per St. Gregory of Nyssa’s Life of Moses?

51:24 What do you think of William Blake?

53:10 What do you think of Jordan Peterson’s translation/interpretation of the word ‘meek’?

54:54 What do you think of the ‘mindfulness revolution’ i.e. John Vervaeke et al. ?

57:53 Why are Christian books and movies bad?

59:55 Explain the Transfiguration in 30 seconds (!)

1:01:39 Can you talk about the symbolism of wings (and eyes)?

1:02:00 1 Timothy 6:19 - What do you think of the meaning of working for a ‘future heavenly treasure’?

1:06:00 Are there any eucharistic miracles in the Eastern Orthodox tradition?

1:06:34 Could you talk about Jacob and Esau’s reunion?

1:08:55 Can the ‘wheel of revolution’ ever be turned backwards?

1:09:33 Is it a contradiction to define Eastern Religions as gnostic/anti-matter/anti-body when its fruits are martial arts compared to fasting and martyrdom in Christianity?

1:10:51 Are there any mouthless higher beings in traditional/historic stories or is it a modern conception?

1:12:20 Is helping your needy neighbour an instance of not accounting for everything?

1:14:21 Where is a good place to start exploring a more spiritual life?

1:15:16 Could you talk about the idea of obedience in relation to the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil? What is the place of rebellion?

1:17:28 Are there any videos you would suggest on science’s problem with consciousness?

1:18:59 In Matthieu’s book he says Genesis 8:21 implies evil is inherently part of humanity - is this another way of describing transforming death into glory?

1:21:44 Could you elaborate on the manner of Noah’s covering by his sons?

1:24:50 Is there a story/method to heal the disconnect between political left and right?

1:26:43 Question on spoons in the Orthodox Church and communion.

1:27:20 What is the symbolic significance of the Ark? What would a modern ark look like?

1:28:50 Is there a symbolic reason the horizontal line in the crucifix is placed a little higher than the middle?

1:31:20 Can the search for the Holy Grail be compared to other religious stories (Buddhist/Muslim)?