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Apr 2020

6:58 Are there specific words in Biblical language that refer to fractals or patterns of reality or does any of the Church Fathers speak explicitly about fractals or patterns of reality?

10:30 Honouring a tradition/family that does not honour tradition/God.

14:00 Why does Christianity find it unnecessary to follow certain laws from the Old Testament?

19:27 Have you considered doing live-stream drawing/carving sessions?

20:04 If you could give one piece of advice to all fellow Christians what would it be?

21:34 The Live Stream disconnected but the question is about Saint George slaying the dragon and Saint Michael as the cosmic version of this.

24:27 What is the interplay between femininity and masculinity in the Mother of God?

29:00 On Machiavelli and Christianity. Can the good and just king ever exist?

31:30 Thoughts on Camille Paglia.

33:30 Have you been listening to anything interesting recently? (Soon to be released article about disagreement with Jordan Peterson).

34:53 Cheers.

36:08 Maintaining bodily integrity in the context of secular authority for the Christian.

42:05 Why is God the Father and the Holy Spirit inconsistently represented or admitted completely in the icon of the Last Judgement?

46:45 Engaging in Christianity in a secular way.

49:09 The world and we exist by and through the love of Christ.

50:55 The Symbolic Role of Lilith (Adam’s first wife).

58:38 How did Manoah (the father of Samson) improperly host angels? And why Christ is not a nephilim.

1:06:14 Symbolism of the addiction people develop with tattoos, piercings and plastic surgery.

1:09:12 Is Christ enacting an inversion an aspect of Christ as master of unity and multiplicity, of him bringing everything together? And what death can do for us.

1:13:13 Two waters. The one above (blessing) and the one below (death).

1:16:27 Symbolism of the vessel as a place of transformation.

1:18:55 The return of fashion trends and how they map unto social dynamics.

1:21:57 How deep does symbolic thinking go?

1:21:58 Are the waters of the creation and the flood the same?

1:23:54 Thoughts on the ending of the novel Laurus.

1:28:55 Preparing for the end of the world.

1:31:00 Learning resources to carve icons.

1:32:14 Other than being monsters and on the edge is there any other relationship between the giants begotten by the Watchers and Saint Christopher.