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July 2022

00:00:00 - Announcements: Events: - Bridges of Meaning Festival (August): - Thunder Bay Festival (September):

00:05:22 - Why does Scripture say Christ will reign with a rod of iron?

00:06:42 - Is it significant that the ninth commandment is to not bear false witness against our neighbor, rather than a broader command to not lie? Is there a distinction being made here between testimony and propositions?

00:08:51 - To your mind, what is an iconographer doing when he or she depicts a demon on an icon?

00:14:13 - In universal history, would Nazi German and the holocaust be related to the pattern of Assyria?

00:15:39 - My question is regarding Luke 17 when Jesus is talking about the days of the Son of Man. After Jesus finishes describing the days of the Son of Man, the apostles ask him, “Where, Lord?” Jesus responds, “Wherever the body is, there the eagles will be gathered.

00:18:02 - What do you think about Jesus being depicted in movies?

00:19:13 - Back to the previous question

00:21:25 - Introducing Neil DeGraide

00:22:06 - You’ve said recently that you had been reading the book “Meditations on the Tarot” by Tomberg. What are your impressions of it so far?

00:23:28 - What is the symbolism of human flight?

00:27:34 - What determines a value hierarchy and why do different value hierarchies exist?

00:30:45 - In spite of it’s negative connotations, is Leviathan a wise decision for a boy name in an inverted world? Or is this symbolizing of a sea monster scandalous in the Orthodox faith?

00:33:16 - What can we learn about love from the story of Abelard and Heloise? Would they have had a happy ending today? If so, why?

00:35:54 - A question about the deeper symbolism of Abraham and his wife Sara being unable to conceive for many years.

00:38:39 - What’s your understanding of why Christ had to return to the Father for the Holy Spirit to come? (John 16:7 & 16)

00:42:22 - What is the difference between a healthy religion and a sect/cult?

00:45:05 - The Image of Everything and fractals

00:46:14 - A question about the Book of Tobit

00:48:07 - What is the symbolism of St. Michael being of the second-lowest choir of angel (Archangel)? One would expect an angel of a higher ranking choir to be the one to lead God’s angels against the dragon and his angels during the war in Heaven

00:50:32 - Jordan Peterson asked Muslims, Christian’s and Jews to unite over our “book” in order to protect what is sacred. What is your take on this idea? Is this possible and or practical?

00:53:54 - Which is more representative of The Logos: Speaking or Writing?

00:55:12 - Which is more representative of The Logos: Speaking or Writing?

00:55:15 - I was wondering if you’d be able to comment on the significance of embodied aesthetic practices as they relate to the margin and historical transition periods

00:59:32 - Could you tell us about a time when something in the Orthodox tradition seemed very symbolically off, and then you discovered it wasn’t?

01:02:08 - I spend a lot of time thinking and learning about God but less time communing with Him in prayer. My assumption is that communing with God is of far greater importance than thinking and learning about Him. What are your thoughts?

01:03:29 - Do we really live in a secular world or a world that thinks it’s a secular world?

01:05:08 - What is the symbolism of having pictures of the royal family by the toilet?

01:06:13 - What is the significance of the wife of Moses rather than Moses himself performing the circumcision on their son?

01:10:07 - What are the marks of being truly Orthodox?

01:13:14 - If Christ fills the hierarchy…and Christ is in all things…Is communion the gift given to help us understand this?

01:15:54 - Could you comment on the symbolism of either excessive or restrictive drinking of water?

01:17:01 - What is the symbolism of stress and the resulting need for distraction?

01:17:56 - Do you have any tips or guidelines for interpreting stories symbolically?

01:24:24 - I was wondering what you thought of the phrase “it was meant to be.” For instance, do you think you were meant to start a Youtube channel?

01:29:16 - What is the symbolism of balding?

01:32:10 - The icons that show the Spirit coming down (Annunciation or Pentecost) seem to be similar to Egyptian Aten iconography. Is there any symbolic significance behind this?

01:33:34 - What is the symbolism of the work you are doing talking about symbolism?

01:37:08 - What is the symbolism of the True Cross of Christ being broken into pieces and given to people around the world? I feel like it should’ve been kept intact and preserved

01:37:50 - In rejecting monarchy, have western democracies really been creating and serving egregores? Is this why democracy is always a precursor to tyranny?

01:40:18 - Symbolism in the story of Gideon

01:41:16 - Seeing as both the left and the right hand are important symbols, I was wondering what the symbolism of a left-handed person would be?

01:45:04 - Since you’ve not covered Cinderella in full (to my knowledge), what is the basic symbolism of the story of Cinderella from the perspective of the woman?

01:48:08 - A question about bridging evolutionary theory and Christianity

01:50:23 - If the shape of all creation is a pyramid/triangle all pointing up to the head stone which is Christ, the incarnation of God, what is the shape of heaven?

01:52:06 - What do you make of the Parable of the Unjust Steward in Luke 16?

01:56:16 - I’d love to hear your thoughts on the two women in revelation. I know you have mentioned the harlot briefly in previous talks but hope you can do an episode addressing them or at the very least share some thoughts in a Q and A.

01:58:01 - How do you see the ten plagues relating with the recreation of the world as with the wedding of Cana?

02:03:58 - About the book `Meditations on the Tarot’: My question is if you have any particular insight into “Le Pendu”? I feel that this image of the upside down man has relevance, not only to my life, but to our broader moment.

02:04:39 - Can you talk about the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? Was the major sin inhospitality? Something else? Why is homosexuality such a big focus?