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Dec 2018

1:10 Patreon Situation

16:25 “Can you explain the meaning of a blessing and a curse?”

21:39 “How would you explain the Good News to a recovering atheist?”

24:48 “You’ve said Christianity has in itself the.. instructions(?) for it’s own revival, can you go more into that?”

34:10 On explaining the symbolic without sounding crazy.

40:20 Give ten examples of garments of skin without elaboration.

43:08 “If we were to call this the symbolic language, what is everyone else speaking?”

48:33 Enacting symbolism vs explaining symbolism

52:28 “What icon painters in your opinion merge modern elements with the traditional in a way that is successful?”

55:52 “What is the difference in the theology of dreams and prophecies in orthodox tradition compared to protestant?”

1:01:15 Sources for info on Iconography

1:02:38 ‘Why doesn’t JBP talk to more Christians?’

1:04:32 Personhood of God? What is a Person?

1:11:49 Importance and meaning of fractals?

1:15:45 “Does everyone have a particular vocation ordained by God?”

1:28:07 “Did you like the Scruton/JBP dialogue? Favorite part?”

1:29:15 “How much of what JBP says is scientific?”

1:31:25 Denouement, Announcements and Previews