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June 2020

00:00 Intro

00:58 Pageau Laugh

03:49 Would you record a Bible Study?

04:34 Why do early Biblical figures live for so long?

06:22 What is the significance of the number 40?

07:10 Do you think a modern writer could recreate that of Dante

08:20 As someone who is Jewish and Christian, how can I reconcile what Paul says in Corinthians & Galatians about circumcision and the Law?

12:36 How is it that death came into our world through the fall but the dinosaurs were wiped out long before we existed?

15:40 What is your prediction/opinion for the far future of civilisation?

18:50 Isn’t it important to keep in mind that symbolism opens up understanding to deeper meaning?

21:20 What is the significance of the aesthetic of coolness?

22:28 What are your thoughts on the meaning of dreams? Can Jungian dream analysis be integrated into the Christian tradition?

24:48 Is Goldilocks a representation of tyranny?

27:45 Adam came before Eve, and Christ pre-exists Mary, yet Eve causes Adam to fall, Mary gives birth to Christ - is there a mystery there?

30:52 Would you ever consider an interview with Fr. Moses Berry and/or Fr. Turbo Qualls from the Fellowship of St. Moses the Black on the question of how to integrate the outsiders into the heart?

31:50 Could you talk on how the word ‘metaphor’ might or might not be used to talk about meaning?

34:38 Can you give us your thoughts on astrology and the zodiac?

39:25 Why are political narratives taking up so much headspace for people instead of the small things?

41:50 Thoughts on pacifism?

43:00 What is the issue with some Protestants and Constantine?

45:20 Would you consider doing architectural reviews of some Orthodox Churches or monasteries that are of particular note? Any comments on the new main cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces in Moscow?

47:41 Could you briefly expand on the idea that most of modern storytelling comes from Tolkein?

49:20 Do you think the opening of Christ’s side on the cross is mean to connect to the opening of Adam’s side?

49:51 What do you think of King Saint Louis IX?

51:32 What do you think is the most interesting contemporary conspiracy theory in terms of symbolic structure?

54:46 Any comments or reflections on the blessing of Jacob in Genesis?

55:28 How can one correctly pursue the Alexander the Great archetype?

57:36 Thoughts on conflicting view of Christ’s message to ‘turn the other cheek’ - personal attack vs. attack on people I love?

1:01:17 Am I right in thinking that the only people coining new words are scientists and internet youths? Is the blind acceptance of the alphanumeric strain Covid-19 from the charming coronavirus and indication of the utter value we put on science?

1:02:40 Another question on the new military cathedral in Russia.

1:03:04 Is there a reason that no instruments are allowed in music in the Orthodox Church?

1:04:35 Please clarify a comment you made on the lack of efficacy when elevating the host in the consecration.

1:06:11 What is the symbolism of factories?

1:07:05 Can you recommend a translation of the Bible? Which do you use?

1:08:28 When the world is upside down, where is the king?

1:09:26 In what way is ‘woke’ not a proper religion?

1:14:25 Is it possible for a fallen angel/principle to be saved or redeemed?

1:16:11 Are we meant to understand Time (as discussed in Language of Creation) as God leaving a ‘fringe’ on creation?

1:17:13 Could you comment on a passage from St Ambrose that seems to describe symbolic thinking?

1:20:20 What have we learned about symbolism after the Middle Ages? Is there anything that has been added or dismissed or change of focus?

1:22:55 Is post-modernism a flood?

1:23:28 How does an Orthodox Christian convert shame and anxiety into closeness to God?

1:25:00 In a story the difference between the figurative and the actual is clear but in religion the line between the two blur, how can we as a culture rediscover the symbolic worldview while at the same time make sure that we don’t fall back into superstition?

1:29:35 There is a change between editions of Princess and the Frog - between throwing the frog against the wall and a kiss - what is the significance of this and any thoughts on the change?

1:31:38 What are the essential books that you want your children to read to understand the world when they are teenagers?

1:35:12 What is the symbolism of the coronavirus beard?

1:35:42 What is the meaning of the 12 Labours of Hercules?

1:36:22 Why does God end his speech to Job with Leviathan and how does that satisfy Job?

1:37:33 What is the Christian symbolic view on veganism?

1:39:04 Do you think the current ‘woke’ religious phenomenon is related/rooted to the sharp decline of mainline Protestantism in the US?

1:40:36 Can you speak about the kabbalah and how it relates to the Orthodox? Also Pentecostal Christianity and how it relates to Orthodoxy?

1:42:44 Thoughts on Dr Marshall/Bishop Barron spat?

1:44:01 How do you interpret/understand dinosaurs from a Christian point of view?

1:44:17 Why is the idea that ‘pedos’ run the world so prevalent?

1:45:42 What is the symbolism of fasting?