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December 2022

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00:04:38 - I’m curious about your relationship with the Book of Enoch. At what point in your life did you discover it? What were your original impressions? How did those grow or change?

00:07:19 - If Santa is real then who is AntiSanta?

00:10:02 - Can you expand on the connection between Jesus walking over water and the first paragraph of Genesis with God’s spirit hovering over the waters?

00:11:00 - What’s the symbolism of so many anti-left people dressing up like Batman villians?

00:12:01 - What are your thoughts on Lewis’ views on these entries and do they compare against your own?

00:14:02 - My experience is that LGBT-people are more religious-oriented and into cosplay than the average person, who is more of an atheist or non-believer. If this is the case, what is the symbolism of this?

00:16:00 - Have you read any of Michael D. O’briens books? He’s a Catholic, Canadian artist and writer who is deeply concerned with symbolism as well

00:16:16 - Why do Christians fast from meat and not suger and other junk food?

00:16:44 - Trans mythology being religious

00:17:31 - Is Greg Hurwitz going to be in the next Exodus seminar?

00:18:08 - What does it mean to pray for something through the prayers of a holy one?

00:23:29 - In modern storytelling, why do we over-explain everything and leave no room for mystery or suggestion?

00:25:01 - I’ve heard you say in past videos that you can’t name yourself. What does that mean exactly?

00:26:32 - What is the symbolism of Matthieu moving further into the woods and living like St. John the baptist, and you moving further out into the world through your travels and exposure, like St. John the evangelist?

00:30:18 - What is the symbolism of the elder and younger sister?

00:33:17 - I’ve been reading the Vulnerary of Christ, and I have an intuition that the wounds of Christ are connected to the fountain and four rivers of Paradise in Genesis, however I’m not sure what the implications are

00:34:20 - How are the St Basil school of creative writing classes going?

00:34:46 - I was wondering if you could speak about the symbolism of baking bread (and maybe touch a bit on the process of making the Prosphora too).

00:40:11 - I wanted to ask about the symbolism of “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I read a political review of it, saying it was anti-capitalist etc, but what can you tell us about the Christian symbolism and what we should learn from it?

00:40:49 - I feel it’s correct to say that consuming pornography is akin to Adam and Eve consuming the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Eating something you cannot integrate. My question is why?

00:43:20 - In the story where Mary loses Christ in the temple of Jerusalem why does it add they did not understand what he said to them, especially in relation to the Virgin Mother?

00:45:13 - The new Scrooge movie on Netflix

00:45:31 - You know how in some of Escher’s art, we have strange staircases that seem to ascend, but then descend, and then begin their ascent again? Is this just a trick, or are there instances where ascending the hierarchy will land you at the bottom again, and vice v

00:46:33 - There is often discussion about how sacred music should be used in the church. I know in many Eastern traditions, it’s typical to have only a choir sing during the divine service as opposed to our typical Western style of congregational singing. Why?

00:47:32 - I am really enjoying the Exodus discussion on “The Daily Wire”… I am curious though whether or not you got into the “Two Powers in Heaven” during the sessions?

00:49:05 - Have you ever been to Sicily and would you say it is a place on the margin? What is the role of these marginal Christian states?

00:51:35 - What is the symbolism referenced in Proverbs 25:11. “Like apples of gold in settings of silver is a ruling rightly given.”

00:53:44 - Do you see that there is a pattern established with Abraham being in Egypt (foreign land) and has to lie about having a body/church when he lied about Sara being his wife. It seems like this pattern plays itself quite often.

00:55:08 - In the story of the lady of Shalott, she dies for looking at reality instead of the shadows through the mirror. Same idea in the story of Psyche and Cupid. I don’t understand why it seems that looking into the face of truth instead of the shadows is a danger

00:57:00 - Can you talk about the symbolism of Mt. Zion vs. Mt Hermon vs. Mt Tabor vs. Temple Mt.

01:00:01 - Somewhat related to exodus… Moses is the shepherd of Israel, and he carries a staff (the rod of God), but when he lays his authority on Joshua, Joshuah then leads Israel into the promised land, and the staff becomes a spear. What is the symbolic significanc

01:01:14 - What do the instruments in the tabernacle symbolize. The Candelabra (Menorah) the Table of Show Bread and the incense alter.

01:04:05 - Could you perhaps talk a bit about the symbolic significance of Atlantis and Lemuria.

01:08:18 - The suffering and pain of the trials do not dissapear, rather, they are perceived anew and reinterpreted in a new hierarchy. What are your thoughts on this kind of pattern?

01:09:38 - I’m reading Francis Oakley’s trilogy on sacred monarchy and I’d like to hear your thoughts on something

01:12:15 - Forgive me for the strange question, but what is the symbolism of eating hair? I swear I’m asking this seriously, it’s been edited out once before.

01:12:58 - What is the significance of Joseph buying the Egyptians.