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May 2021

0:00 Intro

01:43 Can you explain the meaning of Mary wearing blue on the inside and red on the outside in icons?

05:01 How to understand pride in Christian terms?

08:15 What is the symbolism of eloping (related to marriage)?

11:09 Is the confusion of the internet and echo chambers related to the Tower of Babel? Could the internet disrupt the building of the ‘global’ tower?

13:45 What role can imagination have in our lives (hesychasm)?

16:56 Can you talk about backgrounds in icons i.e. mountains?

18:21 Does the Protestant Reformation participate in the pattern of revolution/fragmentation?

23:37 Do you see any solutions to the problem of women with high IQ being less likely to marry?

25:56 What role do good/neutral dragons play symbolically?

28:24 Do you see the Symbolic World as manifesting itself as something like Bishop Barron’s Word on Fire or PragerU?

31:57 Is the West moving towards a neo-gnosticism with COVID restrictions and remote working?

33:44 Is a dog being treated like a child a chimera?

36:29 What is the symbolism of smoke/smoking tobacco?

38:36 What is eating?

40:47 Is there any hope for America in regard to its spirit of Protestant rejection of corrupt authority?

43:30 What the heck happened to the bow tie?

45:03 How can I explain what an angel is to someone who is technically minded?

49:09 What is the symbolism of vinegar that people offer to Christ on the Cross?

52:04 Would the world cease to exist if there was no one embodying the Logos?

55:20 How does the idea of sins of the left and right hand relate to each of us having an angel of the right and left hand?

58:48 Church teachings that Rabbis of Judea and Church Fathers believe the seven archangels of heaven are charged with protecting celestial bodies - do you know which?

59:57 Symbolism of spiders in mythic narrative and dreams?

1:01:54 The Book of Sirach says a man’s wickedness is better than a woman’s goodness - can you explain?

1:03:24 Does the perfection of God imply pure stasis in opposition to dynamism? How should one think about a non-static but perfect being?

1:05:57 Why is faith associated with salvation?

1:08:05 Is the symbol of Yin and Yang correct? Does it over-emphasise evil?

1:11:05 Demand for anime symbolic analysis

1:11:37 What do you think is the solution to the problem of hybridisation?

1:15:16 Could you talk about infanticide and geronticide and how this relates to pagan culture and conspiracy theories?

1:18:45 What is the will and volition of the angel and the cup?

1:19:42 Can you explore the connection of the commandment to Moses to put tassels on garments and the fringe as a necessary remainder? In what way is the margin allied to remembering as well as forgetting?

1:21:11 What is the symbolism of 11?

1:22:00 What does it mean that icons of Christ in Gethsemane depict him without his outer garden?

1:24:06 How does a meaning of facing time in ‘The Fall’ alongside the meaning of an unprepared knowledge of opposites relate with the non-dualism of the super-cosmic absolute?

1:27:35 Could you talk about symbolism of a baptismal font? Were things more coherent in the past in regards to symbolic intuition in design?

1:32:42 What is the symbolism of one-sided love?

1:38:33 Can you recommend any reading on important numbers in scriptures?

1:39:56 Have you read the works of Christopher Alexander?

1:41:31 How do you understand the longevity of life of people in the Bible?

1:43:16 What is the symbolism of a lightbulb (subtly asking about the Nous)?

1:44:50 What is the symbolism of psychedelics? Any recommended Orthodox reading?

1:47:52 What is the proper role of gnosis? My peers seek experience in meditation/psychedelics/movement practises

1:51:16 Has the Enlightenment been like Adam and Eve eating the fruit on a societal scale, trying to make us good without God?

1:53:54 Could you explain the symbolism of why only men can be priests?

1:57:44 Why did David slay Goliath with a sling instead of a sword or a spear?

1:59:47 Any advice on what to say regarding issues with taking the vaccine without sounding crazy?

2:02:10 What is the symbolism of Good Omens by Neil Gaiman?

2:06:30 How would you differentiate cowardliness with meekness?

2:07:05 Could you expand on Braveheart and your wife’s spiritual path?

2:08:30 Is there any symbolic meaning attributed to dead birds?

2:09:26 Why do you think the Christian story inevitable (in particular the incarnation)?

2:12:48 Could you explain the symbolism of baphomet and two angels kneeling before him?

2:16:59 What is the symbolism of celebration? Difference between baptism and gender reveal party?

2:18:24 Could you talk more about St Michael fighting the dragon?

2:19:10 What do you think is the best way to explain not to take Genesis literally?

2:21:46 What are your thoughts on Nietszche?

2:22:18 Is there a link between the snake in the garden with kundalini?

2:22:40 Relationship between alchemical quest for philosopher’s stone and Bitcoin?

2:24:25 Could a new form of liturgy be found in alliterative and mythological symbolism through exegetical parallel stories?

2:26:04 What is the symbolism of myrrh-bearing icons crying?

2:26:54 What are the comparisons between Gnostic Christianity and Freemason luciferian religion?

2:28:11 Could you make a video on Mr Mythos’ video on Yahweh?

2:28:30 Thoughts on tradition of laying of on hands?

2:29:50 What do you think will happen when we get rid of aging?

2:30:07 When young I thought eternity was infinite time. Can you expand on eternity in relation to ontology of divine beings?

2:32:35 Have you ever thought of having your other brother Dan on your channel?

2:33:51 What is the symbolism of the will?

2:34:06 What is the symbolism of symbolism?

2:34:17 Gnosticism, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism try to achieve union with higher reality, what is that reality?

2:36:16 Is crying a form of losing control like laughing is?

2:38:21 Is the Holy Spirit the thing that helps us see multiplicity of objects part in unity?

2:40:10 Is the vaccine in combination with the vaccine passport part of the manifestation of the mark of the beast?

2:41:07 Does Christ pre-incarnate have to be all the physical embodiments of God the Father in the Old Testament?

2:41:28 What is the symbolism of long hair on a man?

2:42:45 Any thoughts on the symbolism of the sacrament of confession?