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August 2022

00:00:00 - Announcements

01:30:17 - GodsDog update Introduction to Orthodoxy: Questions:

00:02:34 - How do we save the margin without fetishizing it?

00:03:21 - How in your view does the interplay between the one and the many itself interplay with the kinesis between being and nonbeing?

00:06:20 - In your recent interview with Jordan Peterson and Greg Hurwitz the conversation revolved around his role. To what degree do you think someone needs to be self-aware of their role to embody it? It feels like too much self-awareness would lead to an inauthentic embodiment

00:07:46 - In the Christian mass Credo, towards the end, it says that we believe in the “resurrection of the body”. It does not appear to refer to Jesus’ resurrection as that is mentioned earlier in the Credo. What “body” is it referring to?

00:15:16 - What do you know about games like “Magic; The Gathering,” and how should conscientious Christians approach games that fantasize pagan religious practices? Is simulating something that would be wrong in real life always wrong in itself?

00:16:09 - What is the meaning of feeling depressed? What place does this have in the Christian life?

00:17:41 - Could you elaborate on the symbolism of Peacocks and its relations to pride, the far east, immortality and the fountain of youth/tree of life?

00:19:57 - Are there any plans to do a Universal History video on Mesoamerica? I understand this may be difficult as the “new world” was entirely cut off from the “old world”.

00:22:20 - The New Jerusalem (back to the topic of the Resurrection)

00:23:16 - A question about tempting God VS Christ deliberately delaying His aid to Lazarus

00:25:11 - A question about the symbolism of going to the beach and getting a sun tan. Is it related to ornamentation? Why are protections/reactions to sunlight associated with desirability?

00:29:12 - Say hi to Jonathan’s dad

00:29:38 - My left eye is weaker than my right, and when I’m tired it wanders off to the side. What is the symbolism of a wandering left eye? And what would be that of a right eye?

00:31:42 - What is the symbolic difference in portraying the crucifixion with nails through the wrists versus the hands? I have seen it portrayed both ways, why do it one way or the other?

00:34:14 - Jordan Peterson said something along the lines of we will need to descend into hell first in order to reach paradise. But didn’t Jesus go down to death and defeat death so that we would be liberated and would not need to go down to hell ourselves?

00:36:58 - A question about the David Lynch show Twin Peaks

00:38:16 - I’ve been seeing a rise in the production of AI Art. I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

00:41:54 - What is the symbolism of prohibiting priests from dancing?

00:44:21 - I am curious about the symbolism of particular places in Scripture. Have you seen a treatment of the symbolic role of geography in Scripture?

00:46:15 - Could you please elaborate on the pattern that culminates with the Eucharist being the real Blood and Body of our Lord?

00:52:46 - Can you describe what the experience was like the first time you walked into an Orthodox Church?

00:56:08 - I recently watched your video on heaven as a response to Sam Harris. Where you spoke about how some figures become principles etc. and I was left wondering if you could expand on your view of eternal life?

01:01:42 - What’s the relationship between Divine darkness and Divine feminine?

01:02:29 - What is the symbolic importance of those who give “body” to an ideology/party ultimately being consumed by it once it is ascendant or fully bodied?

01:07:24 - Do you think secular architecture or urban form (how cities are layed out) has real importance in the re-enchantment project? If so, what are one or two things you would change in modern cities?

01:10:33 - What is the relationship between the “blood” of Christ and the Holy Spirit? It seems that if “the blood is what gives the body life” that one could say that the Holy Spirit is the blood running through the body (church) giving it life.

01:11:38 - Why is the Bible written as text only? Why did we start using images only after Christ’s resurrection?

01:14:04 - Any thoughts on why people are choosing more traditional forms of worship?

01:17:13 - What are your thoughts on dating apps in our current environment.? Do you advise Christians to use it as a means to meet a significant other.?

01:18:24 - Could you please further define “marginal” and “fringe” as it relates to the upside down world that you’ve talked about many times on your podcasts? What does it look like and how do I know if I’m acting marginal or fringe?

01:22:45 - Is there meaning behind the Holy Spirit being said across the horizontal plane when crossing yourself?

01:23:56 - I’m wondering if you have any thoughts on the topic of animal suffering.

01:27:17 - What is the symbolism of the separation of church and state?

01:29:57 - I was wondering if you saw any correlation between the Old Testament category of Nephilim and our modern status of celebrity? Both seem to direct attention to themselves as objects to be worshipped, is it merely a difference of scale or is there more to it?

01:33:59 - Back to: Is there any correlation between the Old Testament category of Nephilim and our modern status of celebrity?

01:35:36 - I was reading a conversation you had with JP Marceau around the danger of symbolism and being overwhelmed by meaning. How can you protect yourself from becoming overwhelmed by symbolism?

01:37:41 - I was wondering if you could recommend any books or other media to someone without access to a church wanting to convert to Orthodoxy?

01:39:12 - Can you talk about Andrew Tate? I know this question sounds like a joke, but in all seriousness, the amount of influence that he holds is increasing every day. Why are people attracted to his ideals?

01:41:09 - What is the symbolism of food being perishable?

01:41:53 - What is the shape of time? Is it a straight line? A circle? A cone?

01:43:37 - What is the authority behind The Language of Creation?

01:46:20 - A question about Abraham and Isaac leaving behind the donkey and two young men at the bottom of the mountain. Is this supposed to be a symbolic dichotomy of the “inside” and the “outside” groups representing an ontology at the bottom of a pyramidal structure?

01:47:24 - Can you comment on the meaning of the death of Judas in Acts 1:18. Also how does it relate to the Gospels’ description of him having hanged himself? Would love to see a video about the symbolism of Judas more broadly.

01:50:09 - Can Israel/Jerusalem be viewed as a symbol of both the Church and an individual believer?

01:50:44 - Have you ever thought about the symbolism surrounding bull riding?

01:53:51 - Have you ever seen “Pan’s Labyrinth”? If so, I’m curious about your thoughts? Seems packed with symbolism. If you have not seen it, here is my backup question: can you talk about the symbolism of wrist watches?

01:55:18 - In Catholicism we have a concept called the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, based on Isaiah 11. Three of these gifts are “knowledge”, “understanding”, and “wisdom”. Can you comment on what distinguishes these three orders of intellect?

01:57:08 - In the divine comedy, there is this idea that in the highest place in heaven is the Trinity. Is the idea of Satan eating the three main traitors of history the opposite image, where multiplicity becomes a place of disintegration and ultimately an image of dea

01:58:51 - You said not too long ago that one of your biggest fears is goddess worship creeping into Christianity, and my question is why do you think that is such a deep human impulse and what should the proper response be?

02:01:49 - In your recent conversation with John and Jordan, you discussed the primacy of narrative. Can you try to steel-man John’s view and point to where your views depart?

02:08:20 - Outro