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Feb 2019

3:35 Jonathan going through art pieces behind him & God’s Dog comic

14:34 The link between love and memory?

23:00 On leaving the Catholic Church

29:04 Walking on water vs going below

32:16 Update on God’s Dog comic

34:05 St. Christopher coming across Christ Child as opposed to Him as a man

43:28 Thoughts on Neil Gaiman’s eye for symbolism

46:05 Has there been a noticeable rise in conversion to Orthodoxy? Also, why are there more Protestants that convert as opposed to Catholics?

49:14 How would you describe any changes between now and 2-3 years ago when all of this began?

50:50 Do you do any teaching at your church?

53:16 Reconciling some of John Vervaeke’s views

59:45 Carl Jung’s Answers to Job

1:04:19 Please explain “death is hell”? Is death natural?

1:08:17 Are human hands and consciousness a form of technology?

1:13:04 What do you think of the idea that love is the center metaphysically as the thing that we should circumambulate?

1:14:22 Entering into your heart

1:19:22 Why is Meister Eckhart on your reading list and what do you think of his idea that God is becoming?

1:22:33 Is there a way to explain the church’s rejection of same-sex marriage in symbolic terms?

1:31:40 Meaning of what appears to be ribbons appearing from the necks of angels in icons? Also why do the angels have feminine characteristics?

1:34:40 Is it beneficial for Christians to really get to know our dark, sinful side or evil tendencies, by studying atrocities or evil deeds of people, for instance? Does the Bible call us to understand evil?

1:36:28 How was the general “style” of iconography developed and how do we know these images best reflect the Divine?

1:38:24 Could you say that the Logos is the most natural thing there is, so the Logos would be found even in that which is unnatural? (He goes a bit into technology)