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November 2022

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00:00:00 - Announcements

00:02:18 - What’s the symbolism of being a garbage man, is it the same as a grave digger?

00:05:06 - Someone asked at Thunder Bay, “Can angels/egregores exist without man?” Your answer was, “All the word exists through the Son of Man.” Can you elaborate?

00:11:49 - What are your thoughts on Kanye Milo 2024 presidential run?

00:13:29 - A question about the story of Mary and Martha. Are they related to Cain and Abel?

00:15:56 - Back to Kanye and the recent patron-only video about him

00:17:36 - What is the symbolism of the woman reaching out, touching Jesus’ robe and being healed? Is it important that her sickness involved a “discharge of blood”?

00:21:50 - What’s the symbolism of walking out at night to have an owl immediately drop a disemboweled rat at your feet?

00:22:33 - A question about the foundation stone and stumbling stone in Matthieu’s book and how to bring them together as the Crest stone?

00:27:33 - What’s it like as an iconographer to create an image of the Crucifixion? This must be a very complex experience

00:29:46 - One thing I struggle with is thinking of Pharaoh only as a mere man and political leader. How does the meaning of the Exodus story deepen when considering Pharaoh as the manifestation of the Egyptian god?

00:34:07 - The Hebrews are the foreigners in Egypt and they enter Canaan as foreigners, so why is Egypt the “foreigner”?

00:36:53 - What do you think of the trope of the reluctant hero? Jesus sort of plays this role in Gethsemane but the way it’s done now seems to imply that power is evil like the movie Eragon

00:38:50 - What do you think of light coming from below? Like the light from sunrise/sunset

00:39:29 - Why does it matter if events in the Bible actually happened? Which is really to say, why does it matter if any events in history actually happened? It seems to me that the point of learning history is to understand the patterns of reality, which is the same point of mythological stories. Beyond that, what would the significance or function of history be as we navigate through the terrain of reality?

00:42:09 - What is the symbolism of the Israel-Palestine conflict as a microcosm of the broader Isaac-Ishmael story?

00:44:02 - Is the image of the infant Moses being received by Pharoah’s daughter analogous to the image of the serpent and Eve?

00:46:57 - What does it mean when Jesus said in Luke 17:34, ‘In that night there will be two men in one bed: the one will be taken and the other will be left.’

00:47:48 - If all identities come from above (from heaven, are defined by God, are good), are emergent identities necessarily evil, as in not defined by the Divine order?

00:53:55 - In biblical ascents that I know of, only Jesus and Moses make it to the ‘top’. Could you comment on what they were doing that those who fell away were not, and what, if anything, we can do practically to ensure we do the same?

00:55:39 - What does Paul mean when he says in 1 Cor 11: “Every man who prays or prophesies with his head covered dishonors his head, but every wife who prays or prophesies with her head uncovered dishonors her head…

00:59:43 - Moses wearing a veil

01:00:24 - If sin is instant gratification and virtue is delayed gratification, where’s the balance between instant and delayed gratification in Christianity? It seems a bit arbitrary which forms of instant gratification of the passions are considered sinful and which are not

01:04:16 - What does Jesus mean when he says “the kingdom of heaven belongs to those who are like children”?

01:07:04 - I was hoping you could elaborate on what you mean by “watch the fools” with reference to Kanye.

01:09:56 - Dirt Poor Robins finally finished Queen of the Night! It was awesome; however, I am stumped by the Capricorn scale. I believe the moon child was genuinely trying to help, but how was the scale supposed to make Oliver feel better?

01:13:06 - Do you think the modern understanding of “art” (particularly the obsession with breaking boundaries, uniqueness, self-expression, etc.) will ever revert back to a more traditional understanding?

01:16:29 - Can you provide other examples and avenues for re-enchantment and recapturing that lost worldview in our daily lives?

01:19:26 - There is a Biblical trope that rulers of corrupt or powerful nations like Egypt or Babylon receive prophetic dreams or visions (e.g. Pharaoh and Abimelech in Genesis, Nebuchadnezzar and Belshezzar in Daniel). I always assumed that God spoke to such men by pre-rational means because their reason and intellect was too corrupted by their power and position to listen to reason. What do you make of this trope?

01:21:13 - Thoughts on the rise of audiobooks? Is this a return to oral, rather than written, storytelling?

01:22:39 - Should we understand Revelation 12 – specifically verses 3-6 & the part about the “male-child” – fractally or is it a singular narrative only about Jesus Christ?

01:27:41 - The Book of Revelations predicts a world dominated by the system of the beast and by the whore. Is this, by extension, a prediction of a world where the vast majority of females are the whore?

01:31:40 - I am traveling in Greece this week visiting Orthodox churches and monasteries and was surprised to see the “third eye” over the central door of many iconostases. Why is that there?

01:34:01 - Which English translation, if any, do you think is the best for more clearly seeing symbolism in the Bible?

01:34:59 - What is the symbolism of “Slav science”? You spoke about how finding beautiful things for your home means also finding older things with history and when I look at my slav home, I can’t imagine this is what you had in mind

01:36:20 - You have me very scared about the coming flood. I have the urge to go homestead or something. Maybe you have some more things you can say about it now that it’s patrons only?

01:39:13 - What do you think of your brother’s idea of not just following the tradition but also ‘ruminating’ on it in the sense of questioning it?

01:40:24 - How have your thoughts on AI changed if at all, since your conversation with Jordan and Jim?

01:42:04 - Do you have a favorite icon? One which you think is the most condensed symbolically?

01:42:28 - One thing I appreciated with ”Meditations on the Tarot” was his emphasis on grace in reaching the divine. Do you think this more top-down viewpoint is more needed in today’s conversations?

01:44:05 - I’ve been thinking about the symbolism of the paint brush. The brush functions almost like a sword but it does so by harnessing a tiny flood. Is this related to death turning to glory? Using a flood to create an ordered image?

01:45:35 - Do you have any recommended books or other resources for an aspiring medievalist who wants to stay firmly rooted in the Christian tradition?

01:48:23 - What are your ideas on Jewish commentaries on the Bible (Rashi, Ramban etc…) the Midrash (Rabbah, Tanchumah etc…) and how would you see them as bearers of the Tradition, as in “they sit in the seat of Moses” (Matthew 23:2)

01:50:41 - I’m sure you’ll say something about humility and hierarchy….. but what would a redemptive mid-wit look like?