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August 2021

08:50 Are we determined to be free or free to be slaves?

11:14 What are your latest recommendations on a book or podcast?

13:03 Thoughts on Donda by Kanye West?

14:59 How does one name a multi-headed beast?

15:19 Why does a snake respond to the music of the snake charmer?

17:00 What is the symbolism of Hollywood - selling stories as a product?

18:42 Symbolism of being a warrior or being physically strong?

21:47 Are secular foodbanks or helping the poor an embodiment of Antichrist typology?

25:08 How does free will live within the context of the symbolic view?

26:50 What is the symbolic significance of piercing a dragon’s throat in stories like St George’s?

28:11 Is it an irony of monotheism that everyone believes in God in a different way as suggested by Joseph Campbell?

30:38 What is the symbolism of smearing blood on the altar after pouring it on the earth?

31:55 What is the symbolism of profanity in relation to Quebecois religious terms as opposed to sex and faeces- based terms?

36:29 How should precious stones and gems fit in a Christian hierarchy? They tend to be related to new age spirituality

40:50 What is the difference between Orthodox and Protestant Christians view of salvation?

43:50 What is the symbolism of the nose or smell in general? Icons of Saints often have thin noses ‘God is long of nose’ (slow to anger)

47:08 As an icon carver, what participation of icons in everyday life would you recommend?

49:21 What’s a topic you never get asked about but wish you would?

50:18 What is the symbolic meaning behind the Lord is my Shepherd prayer line ‘your rod and your staff they comfort me’

52:26 In Lord of Spirits they talk about how an immortal body prevents you from repenting, why can an immortal fall but not repent?

54:09 Do you think every technology is waiting to participate in the divine? How to submit these things to higher principles?

55:59 Symbolism of the skull in relation to unofficial police logo?

57:34 Jesus said John the Baptist was Elijah, but John the Baptist denied this to the Pharisees, was he hiding it or did he not know?

58:32 Christ conquered death by death, what do you make of conquest as a concept?

1:00:56 Could you explain the correlation in icons of the angels of the right and the left hand with other figures (Mary, John the Baptist etc.)?

1:04:30 In Deuteronomy 12:33 what is the symbolism of blood?

1:05:50 Question on time and space/networks

1:08:49 What are your thoughts on the fact that the vaccine is being used as a mark of the beast?

1:12:54 What Bible should I buy my lapsed catholic father?

1:13:48 Do you have any thoughts or reading recommendations on the difference between belief, knowledge and wisdom?

1:14:12 Could sheet music be understood as a way of boxing in the flowing or cosmic time of music?

1:15:39 Differences between the Dormition of the Mother and Assumption of Mary in Orthodox and Catholic traditions respectively?

1:18:41 Can anyone officiate the Eucharist and has the Church falsely claimed the authority of it?

1:23:33 How did ancient world scripture think of the mind, consciousness and subconsciousness before Freud?

1:24:46 Is there an overall pattern in the symbolism of St Peter?

1:26:04 What is the symbolism of the invention of birth control at the societal level?

1:27:23 What is the right way to respond to the idea of taking the vaccine as the best way to show cruciform love?

1:28:48 What do Jesus’ miracles represent symbolically?

1:30:59 Symbolism of liminal spaces?

1:32:32 Symbolism of Spongebob Squarepants?

1:33:51 Can you explain symbolism of the motherly warning of not being able to whistle if you don’t eat your bread crusts?

1:34:32 What do you think of people like William Lane Craig and Christian intellectuals?

1:36:22 Are the chaotic waters below the same as the underworld?

1:37:48 Why did Eve come from a rib?

1:39:07 What is a dark night of the soul?

1:40:57 Do you have any favourite stories from Irish or Celtic folklore?

1:41:18 Would a society that puts fear at the top of the hierarchy be anti-Christian if the top of Christian hierarchy is love?

1:42:11 Do you have any thoughts on Reggaeton?

1:43:52 Is yoga pagan?

1:47:00 Symbolism of finding treasure at the margin?

1:49:23 What is the symbolism of lust?

1:50:35 Is John Vervaeke the antichrist?

1:54:48 Right/Left Hand symbolism relating to Christ’s pierced side

1:56:38 Symbolism of knowing your own capacity for danger per Jordan Peterson’s description

1:58:00 Is there a feminine symbolism relating to archery?

1:58:20 Symbolism of a shooting star?

1:59:07 Have you read Gravity and Grace by Simon Weil?

2:00:22 Symbolism of Antinatalism

2:02:25 What are your thoughts on cremation?

2:03:50 What do you think of the therapeutic use of hypnosis?

2:04:42 How do we stay dispassionate in the face of fear?

2:05:25 What levels of compliance to the shot and surrounding measures are Christian?

2:08:13 What are your thoughts on idealism arguing that consciousness is fundamental and the nature of it is mental?

2:10:13 Symbolism of dogs marking ends?

2:11:41 Is Language of Creation’s ‘Informing matter with meaning and expressing meaning with matter’ the same as the command to ‘Fill the earth and subdue it’

2:12:20 Symbolism of seizures?

2:13:43 Is St Christopher the patron saint of epileptics?

2:14:33 What was your diet like during quarantine?

2:15:05 Did you see the Kanye events where he sets himself on fire and ended with a wedding?

2:16:15 What is the symbolism of forging a weapon out of a meteorite?

2:16:55 Top three books that bring you fondest memories?

2:20:05 Double symbolism of hair and marginalia

2:21:00 Why was the idol made, after the flight of Egypt, a golden calf?

2:21:29 How do we know where the true Church is? Is it an educated guess or a symbolic way to find it?

2:22:16 What do you make of near-death experience phenomena?

2:23:25 Will the Church have a particular role to place in evangelisation in the revival after the death of Christianity?

2:24:19 Do angels love humanity?

2:25:12 Are there examples of God being amused by something or displaying a sense of humour?

2:26:34 Are you familiar with Bronze Age Pervert?

2:27:01 Can fallen angels be redeemed?

2:28:10 Can you speak about how the Bible is not about morality?

2:30:10 What are the limits of icon carving? What should or shouldn’t be carved?

2:30:59 Do you know the Shadow as inspiration for Batman?

2:31:33 Is it wrong to attend the Catholic and Evangelical church at the same time?