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Nov 2019

4:47 Are there guitars in heaven?

6:39 Types of monsters: Animal men, monsters without a name, human experiments gone wrong

9:44 Symbolism of the mirror: Vanity turned against itself

12:22 Favourite song on Kanye’s album?

15:01 Is King Arthur a trojan? Understand legends by reading Geoffrey of Monmouth. Understand Europe and the relationship between Great Britain and the rest of Europa.

17:24 The return of piercings as a breakdown of conventionally

19:10 What kind of church should I join?

21:35 Thoughts on physical manifestations (yoga, martial arts, make the sign of the cross) used in attempts to participate in the sacred

26:40 The link between the highest (glorious) and the lowest (death), and how to turn death into glory, not by inversion but by joining them together. We need those two together in order to have all of reality.

30:47 If Christ was acting (on the cross) it was not a pretending but a full playing out. Christ is only the logos when submitting to the Father

33:45 Printed icons

36:37 The man as the head of the home. The woman as the possibility of the home.

38:49 Why do we hide our goals?

43:47 Advent and candles

49:03 Mary and the ark

51:25 Symbolism of blood

55:16 How to read the Bible for the first time

58:13 Why things started to break down as early as the 12th century

1:01:00 Saint Gregory of Nyssa and the two aspects of reality

1:05:35 Why Jonah runs away from the call

1:11:08 Moving away from the center to get reborn

1:13:14 Symbolic meaning in the gender of French nouns

1:14:50 Symbolic meaning of Christ being the son of a carpenter

1:18:15 Syncretism: Should we make a universal maps of meaning out of Christianity or not?* 1:22:22 Sorrow as part of the perfect world

1:25:20 Why should a sinful human (the woman) submit to another (the man)?

1:29:45 Praying in odd places as a way of entering into the heart

1:32:58 How to react to the rise of paganism

1:36:33 How to invite Jonathan Pageau to an event

1:37:04 Can Buddhism and Christianity co-exist? (see 1.18.15 too)

1:39:33 Symbolic meaning of Jordan Peterson only being able to eat meat

1:40:47 Getting stuck in one’s congregation

1:41:38 Should I consciously seek to embody a symbolic manifestation?

1:42:22 On hand gestures in icons

1:45:13 Symbolic significance of QAnon et al.

1:47:12 Super heroes as a modern mythology

1:50:27 How can I motivative myself to love God more than a passion?