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February 2022

00:00:00 - Announcements

00:05:40 - What is symbolism of snakes (or serpents as we see them) shedding their skin all at once

00:07:44 - Can you comment on the symbolism of electricity, and on a related image, lightning?

00:10:15 - Is it possible that the early Church produced far more impressive saints by virtue of her chronological proximity to Christ’s earthly sojourn?

00:11:36 - What is the symbolic significance of the ear and big toe?

00:13:00 - Many current events are related to congestion/constriction (respiratory infections, Floyd, canal, freedom convoy) - am I onto something?

00:16:04 - I see no evidence of individuality (unable to divide). We are not individuals. If we assume that Christ was an individual then is not individuality a good thing to pursue?

00:18:30 - Could you expand on why you think nominalists ruined everything?

00:24:31 - Are you familiar enough with the Epic of Gilgamesh to elaborate on the story’s symbolism?

00:29:53 - I’m currently fascinated by the Nika Riots in Constantinople in 532, the ones that precipitated Emperor Justinian rebuilding Hagia Sophia. Do you know enough about them offhand to discuss their symbolism?

00:33:07 - How does petitionary prayer work?

00:34:59 - What is the symbolism of Christ’s statement that in the world to come none shall be married or given in marriage?

00:36:48 - What is the meaning of the destruction of the Amorites by hail? Is it related to their being descendants of giants?

00:38:38 - What is the symbolism of toys? In particular, those that are miniatures of ‘real world’ things, like dolls or toy cars? What function do they serve?

00:40:14 - What is the symbolism of oil (dark water from deep beneath the earth) being the source of power for our modern, Machine-centered world? What does it mean for the Machine to transition to feeding off the power of the sun?

00:43:03 - What is the symbolism of tails? Is it significant that human beings don’t have tails?

00:44:18 - What is the symbolism of graffiti?

00:48:20 - Is there a pattern to who people marry? I’ve heard arguments against soulmates (“you could marry 20 people and be happy”) but it seems circumstances, timing, and grace at work in each person play a huge role. Is finding this person a search or is it a gift?

00:52:08 - What’s the symbolism of Simon of Cyrene?

00:54:14 - Hi Jonathan! I am curious about the difference between the snake around the tree (centre/heart) and the snake outside the garden (Ouroboros). There are many snake images in the Bible. How can we know which is related to which symbolism?

00:56:03 - Is there a hierarchy of symbolism in Scripture? Some books blossom with symbolism (Genesis, Song of Songs) while others not so much (Paul’s epistles)

00:57:50 - In your episode with Andrew Gould you mentioned that orthodoxy is related to piracy, I was wondering if you could expand more on that

00:59:00 - Are you a fan of the band Tool?

01:00:15 - What do you make of recent attempts to divorce authors from the myths they created? Like JK Rowling and Tolkien

01:02:19 - Speak on the Catholic symbolism of the Pelican and its Younglings…where that symbol originated, and how it found significance on altars/tabernacles all over the world.

01:04:20 - Any nostalgic favourite punk music from your youth?

01:06:11 - Is there any symbolic connection between St. Christopher and Christopher Columbus?

01:08:03 - Is Christianity actually quite radical and unique for positing an afterlife directly connected to abstaining from material pleasures?

01:10:19 - I’m still trying to understand the pattern of ascending a mountain as with Moses at Sinai

01:15:57 - How do you think about suffering, death, and its meaning (or inherent lack of it) and how does it differ from a Protestant view?

01:19:20 - My question is regarding the ‘cringe’ phenomenon. Why is it that activities which are potentially transcendent when done well are so humiliating when done poorly?

01:20:56 - Can idolatry be further understood as a sort of abandonment of the logos and movement towards non-being? And if this is the case, wouldn’t everything that we do that isn’t directed towards God be considered idolatrous, even the most trivial of things?

01:22:10 - Would God exist if there were no conscious beings?

01:22:51 - Your recent podcast on King David made me think of Hamlet. Is he a failed King David?

01:25:35 - Hey Jonathan, what would you say to someone who is struggling with their faith due to the violence in the Old Testament that God seemingly commands?

01:27:50 - What is the symbolism of Suicide?

01:29:22 - How would you respond to Feuerbach’s accusation of Christianity worshiping the representation over the represented, the copy over the original?

01:31:04 - What is the symbolism of the illness of Asa, Jehoram, Uzziah and Hezekiah kings of Judah? In 2 Chronicles it says that Asa got sick in his feet, Jehoram got sick in his bowels, Uzziah got leprosy on his forehead, and Hezekiah got sick to death.

01:32:35 - Can you explain the symbolism of Moses leading the Israelites for 40 years but at the very end himself not making it into the promised Land?

01:34:49 - In order to construct the tower of Babel, the people use baked brick and slime instead of stone and mortar (Genesis 11:3). This can be juxtaposed with the uncut stones used to build the altar according to God’s command. What’s up with that?

01:36:16 - Did Jesus laugh? How is laughter related to transgression?

01:38:31 - Last month, you spoke about the idea of the remnant after the kingdom split, acting as that spark of renewal when the time was right. Are we in an age of biblical exile in the modern world, and as Christians, are we remnants of the kingdom? How do we navigate?

01:40:25 - What’s the deal with all the kings fighting in Genesis 14 right before Melchizedek appears?

01:42:57 - Can you explain what it means for art (or anything for that matter) to be liturgical?

01:44:04 - Has anyone done an audiobook version of Mathieu’s book? I’d love to be able to listen to it.

01:44:28 - Are religious rituals and organized religion in general (including Christianity) another kind of “garment of skin”?

01:46:30 - An oft repeated phrase these days is “believe science”. Is this a “symbolism happens” moment, where individuals who surely believe in the objective nature of science are reifying that trust is fundamental to empiricism?

01:47:55 - I’ve been told that soldier saints should be depicted in civilian clothes when painted on the iconostasis rather than in their armour and weapons. Why?

01:48:46 - In some of the Psalms we hear prayers for God to punish the “enemies” of the faithful in very descriptive ways. How should we read this today?

01:50:53 - What’s the role of chance in a meaningful world?

01:52:35 - Symbolism of being below an oak tree

01:53:02 - Outro