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Aug 2018

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3:41 Biblical symbolism of the church being the bride of Christ

15:54 Teaching your children art

20:36 The modern obsession with trying to define art - traditional vs contemporary art

26:52 Jonathan’s conversion to Orthodoxy (refers to another discussion) - some positive aspects of Orthodoxy

32:17 Nice description of sin and faith, also the idea that what you pay attention to becomes a reality

36:26 Can we come up with a future symbolic church/religion? Also speaks out against the frame of monotheism vs polytheism - complementary to second vid on Santa

47:30 What’s a good introduction to understanding Eastern Mysticism and philosophy, particularly from the Christian perspective?

48:41 The Ring in LOTR - discussion of ornamentation

52:20 What does it mean to be a mediator between heaven and earth outside of the garden? - Removing garments of skin

56:01 Holy places & saints as anchors! - mountain, pole, well (feminine)

1:01:02 Impression of Jason Horsley

1:02:38 Breakdown of the 12th century - combined with clip from Nov2019

1:06:40 Why is the Holy Spirit symbolised as a dove?

1:08:04 Is the virgin one aspect of the feminine?

1:09:27 Advice on how to navigate an interdenominational relationship

1:12:06 How to get Jonathan to speak at an event?

1:13:15 What do you make of Jesus’ statement “Resist not evil”?

1:15:35 you think there’s any sectarianism in the Orthodox Church specifically between different ethnicities also what should we do about it