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March 2021

0:00 Intro - Many exciting updates (but Matthieu is not coming out to play)</span></p>

07:30 Will you ever create painted icons?

08:10 Do you have any insight into ‘compressing’ a symbol?

12:10 What is the Church’s role in reforming the state?

16:00 Any thought on the concept of Messiah Ben Joseph?

18:11 Why is wisdom (sophia) personified as feminine?

21:05 What is your view on the symbolism of the rapture?

22:46 Symbolism of Gollum as Frodo’s guide?

25:35 Symbolism of Jeremiah 17:9

29:12 As we mediate/define logoi, do they also do the same for us?

30:50 What is the proper Orthodox understanding of luck?

34:47 What do you think would be the most valuable themes for young people to think about in class discussions?

38:10 Is symbolism in opposition to rationality?

40:17 Can you discuss the symbolism of Matthew 10 - Jesus did not come to bring peace but a sword?

42:30 Do you think Christianity can be compatible with a republic?

46:47 Meaning of Jesus saying to Peter that the beloved disciple will not die in Book of John

49:08 Is there a primacy of spirit? What would happen to the angel of London if London burned down?

51:37 Views on neo-platonism

54:44 Comments parallel between Chad and Stacy, tech nerds and Greek mythology

56:17 What is the symbolism of things forged from meteors?

58:38 What would be the proper way to deal with extra-terrestrials?

1:02:40 Thoughts on whether Jordan Peterson’s issue with God is lack of belief in his mercy

1:04:07 Are feminists bringing back monogamy?

1:06:42 Could you explain the pattern of barbarians descending from the north?

1:10:24 Is there an encyclopedia of Symbolism?

1:11:31 Have you become a holy fool?

1:11:53 How do the gospels portray Christ filling the hierarchy?

1:16:22 Is the use of maggots to clean a wound the same pattern as overcoming death by death?

1:17:56 What is the proper place for intellectual faculties in the hierarchy?

1:21:26 Can I add French subtitles to your videos?

1:22:28 What connection is there to exhaling (in relation to dying) and speaking/singing?

1:24:50 Is the danger with relating larger scale patterns to the everyday the concern of idolatry/porn?

1:29:49 Is there a symbolic connection between Cain/Abel, Jacob/Esau, Northern/Southern kingdoms and Orthodox/Catholic schism?

1:32:28 What is the relation between St Peter and St John?

1:34:11 Could you explain your conception of time?

1:36:29 Was there a pattern of ornamentation in your conversation with Jordan Peterson?

1:37:31 Why is intercession of the saints not ‘inquiring of the dead’?

1:42:15 Could you talk about the sin of sloth (acedia)?

1:46:58 What is the symbolism of the dividing of the garments etc. in Psalm 22?

1:49:47 Is there a mystery that compromises get made when a sacrifice that can embody everything is seen as powerful to show vulnerability and death?

1:50:25 Do you like GK Chesterton?

1:50:50 Could you make an argument about the hierarchy of events that explains how the crucifixion is the most important event and relevant to events like dinosaurs?

1:55:52 Could you talk about the margin in relation to theosis? Is sin the margin?

1:58:15 What is the symbolism of depicting Christ’s hair as long?

1:59:18 Is there in Christianity something like the four ages in Hinduism?

2:01:17 Does space/time relate to mind/heart?

2:05:24 Why do you use furniture to explain symbolism?

2:07:17 What does it mean that God spoke the world into being?

2:10:12 Why did the Church become corrupt in the middle ages?

2:13:19 Should I remain Catholic or become Orthodox?

2:14:23 Have you read Camille Paglia’s Sexual Personae?

2:15:04 How does Samson tie into the Gospel story?

2:19:49 What do you say to the Catholic argument that you cannot know what councils are infallible without the Pope?

2:20:38 Why is Jesus crowned with thorns specifically?

2:21:30 What is your opinion on stained glass icons?

2:22:22 Explanation of theosis

2:24:07 The new testament epistles seem like a symbolic commentary on the gospels?

2:25:50 I wish we could meet, I am in your parish

2:26:40 Thanks for all your content

2:27:58 Jordan Peterson talks about culture being mediate by the individual. Is this a microcosm of heaven/earth?

2:28:12 Could you interview David Caley on Ivan Illich?

2:28:37 Can you have Jay Dyer on your channel?