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April 2022

00:00:00 - Start

00:01:29 - Is the sci-fi genre a where apophatic theology has been displaced?

00:02:55 - Question about the metaverse boundaries

00:05:49 - In the book of numbers, why do you think God orders that the tribe of Levi not be counted? Is there a relationship between this tribe and the periphery?

00:07:31 - What meaning do the linden tree and linden wood have for the Christian artist, especially in relation to their pre-Christian symbolism?

00:07:58 - I’d love your take on the symbolism of Christ’s two-stage healing of the blind man in Mark 8, 22-25. Specifically the part where he sees “men like trees walking”

00:09:26 - What do you think is happening symbolically with the “Is it Cake?” stuff (people disguising cake as real objects, food, etc,).

00:11:56 - In the book of Genesis are Hagar and Ishmael linked to Eve and Cain symbolically? Hagar won’t look upon the child about to die while Mary, the new eve, stands at the foot of the cross.

00:14:17 - Question about when to leave the internet

00:15:12 - What’s the symbolism of bodybuilding?

00:16:29 - A question about the Edda stories and the meaning of dwarves and their association with the 4 directions

00:18:56 - How to recognize thoughts that comes from demons and misplaced love?

00:21:55 - What is the symbolism of who-dun-its or murder mystery stories generally? Is there anything about their emergence with characters such as Sherlock Holmes in the later half of the 1800s that has to do with industrialisation/scientism? What is the symbolism of murder as the central crime of the genre rather than another kind of crime?

00:24:45 - Would you be able to (1) steelman Bret Weinstein’s definition of culture, especially the material location of culture if his definition is not purely spiritual/immaterial, and (2) provide your own definition as to what culture is.

00:30:26 - Why does the stereotypical American drive a big jacked up truck? Is it something like the national expression of love for industry and individuality?

00:31:59 - On Elon Musk breathing new life into Twitter. Is he some sort or techno-god? Is this a small preview of when he gives life to our AI overlord?

00:34:46 - What is the point of marriage? In scripture it is viewed with extreme importance. I’m not exactly sure why, and reducing it to having kids doesn’t seem to be even the main aspect of it.

00:36:50 - Do you plan to do additional movie reviews in the future? I don’t fault you if you don’t (It’s not like you don’t have enough on your plate), but am curious if you have any movie interpretations on the horizon.

00:38:19 - I appreciate your emphasis (and practice) of generating new Christian stories and your emphasis on the Church Fathers– I wonder how those two fit together.

00:41:46 - My father in law asked me why it was palms that were scattered in front of Christ as he rode into Jerusalem. I wasn’t sure what to tell him. I kind of took it as just part of the story but is there any symbolic significance to the palm branches?

00:43:35 - What is the symbolism of the saints (or their relics) being buried beneath the altar of the church?

00:48:17 - Are you sure things will continue to get worse?

00:49:31 - Do you have any practical takeaways from symbolic understanding of the Gospels in terms of combating anxiety?

00:51:37 - In the Gospels Christ tells a lawyer to love God and his neighbor in order to receive eternal life. The lawyer asks “Who is my neighbor?”, Christ responds with the Parable of the Good Samaritan. Can you shed light on this?

00:55:18 - Could you elaborate on your past comments in which you speak about Succubi being involved with the making or consuming of pornography? In what ways does such a connection manifest?

00:58:53 - Jordan Peterson describes the Bible as the sort of “collective dream of humanity”. Does this idea have any relation to Adam (humanity) being put to sleep in Genesis 2? Can the rest of the Bible from that point on then be interpreted as the dream of Adam?

01:02:09 - Could you comment on why the story of Jairus’ daughter and the woman who bled for 12 years are intertwined? I guess it has something to do with menstruation/womanhood, but I would like to hear your thoughts.

01:05:08 - What is the symbolism of singleness? Why does Paul say in 1 Cor. 7 it is better to remain unmarried?

01:09:24 - I want to ask about the correlation between the book of Kings and Revelation. Both mention 666: the weight of Solomon’s gold. Is there any other symbolic correlation between the two chapters?

01:11:18 - What is the symbolism of the Northern Lights?

01:12:23 - When is the next Revelation video coming?

01:13:27 - What is the difference between a spirit and an intelligence? Or the Spirit and the Logos?

01:15:03 - Why is Buddha so similar to Jesus? Was Buddha a prefiguration of Christ in the East? In what way was Buddha divine?

01:17:16 - What is the significance of the number “70” in scripture? There are the 70 elders of Israel, the 70 nations divided unto the gods, the 70 disciples that Jesus sent out, etc. Is this supposed to symbolize the gradual refilling of God in the world?

01:19:27 - What is the symbolism of the skin of Christ being whipped and full of scars? Maybe he is in some way removing his garments of skin before ascending the mountain. As Christianity is currently “dying” globally, can we interpret church scandals as the same scars

01:20:55 - What is the symbolism of hatred in the Bible? It seems “hate” means separation as opposed to the union that love symbolizes?

01:25:13 - If Christ fills the hierarchy, can this also be understood as establishing or cementing the hierarchy? Does the Anti-Christ invert, empty, or flatten the hierarchy?

01:28:49 - What can the Western edge learn from St Brigid about our eschatological relationship to Babylon and the embodiment of the Bride?

01:30:24 - What is the symbolism of the Grimm bros compilation of stories being published as they were? Is it in relation to the grail? Could this help to understand the Legend of Tono in a similar way?

01:33:12 - What’s the symbolism of flowers, why do we decorate churches so much with it?

01:34:25 - Thoughts on Bob Dylan’s work, both Christian and non-Christian?

01:34:52 - Any thoughts on the Johnny Depp court case with his ex wife?

01:36:37 - Do you have any insight on the symbolism of child abuse?

01:38:21 - It’s a bit counterintuitive for me that Jesus, who is the Logos, didn’t use words / truthful speech to defend Himself at the trial. Can you help me clarify this?

01:41:26 - What advice do you have for newlyweds?

01:44:51 - What was magic to ancient people and what is its symbolic meaning? Was it always demonic or were there types that were acceptable to Israelites/ancient Christians?

01:47:57 - Outro