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September 2022

00:00:52 - Announcements

00:03:03 - A question about the centre of identity

00:03:54 - Is not exercising power, when you could, an example off the crossing between left hand and right hand?

00:05:25 - What is your sense of how English grammar & vocabulary shape contemporary discourse?

00:08:28 - What is the proper way for a lay member of an organization to help orient the head to problems that are arising in the organization?

00:11:17 - Can you talk about the symbolism of soldiers and warriors

00:12:59 - Could you explain the significance of Luke 11:24-26 about evil spirits being swept out of the house and then returning

00:15:23 - Question about the symbolism of menstruation and when life begins

00:20:23 - But how do the other apostles fulfil the world like that? What is the symbolism related to them?

00:23:34 - Is it reasonable to assume that if Eve had not blamed the serpent then God would not have cursed the beast and our animal nature would not have fallen?

00:26:10 - What is mercy and grace?

00:29:01 - Have you ever visited a catholic mess in the old tridentine rite? Can you say something about the symbolism there, for example using the latin language and why it may be a danger or not to change this old liturgy?

00:31:15 - I don’t understand what Glory is. For example, you oppose Death with Glory - why not oppose Death with Life?

00:38:30 - I’ve heard that some Orthodox priests say Jesus didn’t fulfill all the OT prophecies at his first coming and all will be fulfilled at 2nd coming? Your thoughts?

00:41:13 - Can you talk about the symbolism of Solomon’s apostasy with him owning an excessive amount of gold and worshipping his foreign wives’ gods?

00:42:54 - A question about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight having a mixture of Christian and pagan imagery.

00:46:53 - I am a CPA, and have been trying to understand what “taxes” represent in respect to symbology, any ideas

00:49:36 - What are your thoughts on the intentional use of symbolism to manipulate people?

00:52:16 - What can we say about the relationship between sex and technology and/or techne?

00:53:50 - What is the symbolism of the 3 languages (Latin, Greek, and Aramaic) that appear on the sign above Christ on the cross?

00:54:48 - Do you have any symbolic insight into the words given to St Silouan by our Lord, “Keep thy mind in Hell and despair not”?

00:56:44 - What’s the symbolic meaning of Lucifer Morningstar being voted the sexiest man alive by women?

00:57:13 - You sometimes describe the Cross as the place where heaven and earth meet. Isn’t this a quality common, at some level, to all symbols? Does this make the Cross a “metasymbol” or “recursively symbolic”? (Is Christ, like, Symbol-Man?)

00:58:10 - St. Moses the Black VS St. Seraphim of Sarov. When should we turn the other cheek, and when should we stand up and fight back?

01:04:57 - What is your opinion on using video games as a means of culture creation?

01:06:32 - What is the symbolism of Ruth in the Bible?

01:09:54 - What is the symbolism of excessive adornment, and how does this relate to nakedness? Can there be excessive nakedness?

01:11:53 - Can you explain why the census (that Mary and Joseph were traveling for) was important/an aspect of the story of Jesus’ birth?

01:16:52 - Do you think it’s possible that the Templars became associated with Baphomet because they represented a kind of ambiguous crossing over of categories?

01:22:25 - What’s your understanding of Christ having a new name? It’s mentioned in the letter to Philadelphia in Revelation 3:12

01:23:52 - What is the meaning of vesting the bishop in front of everyone?

01:25:17 - Could you give the biggest reason why you’re wary of recommending Rene Guenon’s writings to people? Is he just missing something, or does he get something very wrong?

01:30:05 - What is the symbolism of a priestess, what would their function be?

01:31:46 - I’m a photographer and was wondering how I can use photography to point back to Christ. The portrait of the human face, seems to me, is a way to do that. What are your thoughts?

01:32:48 - Esoteric (ritual) texts are oftentimes purposely veiled in symbolism to make it exclusive. To what extent is Christian symbolism meant to veil ?

01:36:57 - What is the meaning of Jesus’s promise about “agreement” in Matthew 18? “If two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven.”

01:39:14 - What is the symbolism of Simon helping Christ bring the cross to Golgotha?

01:41:00 - Just as the formation of any body requires sacrifice (because things that are not that body need to be cut off), does that mean that celebration always requires sacrifice? Is the opposite also true? Does all sacrifice bear the seeds of celebration?

01:42:55 - What would be a proper Christian understanding of a “nation”?

01:47:39 - What practical things do you think I could do to make that town more of a beacon of light?