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January 2023

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00:00:00 - Announcements

00:04:21 - The symbolism of St. Lucia taking her eyes out

00:05:50 - How do you determine what’s in communion vs what’s a confused mixture?

00:07:36 - Connection between Christ whipping the money-changers and himself being whipped

00:08:17 - The roles of the prophet and priest and how the roles are reconciled with the king?

00:10:31 - Thoughts on the new ChatGPT and political bias?

00:11:45 - Do you think God’s qualities made creation inevitable?

00:14:15 - What has been your most effective approach to breaking down secular ‘atheists’ hang-ups about going to church?

00:19:21 - I love your series on Ethiopia for Universal History. Would you do a video on Romania?

00:19:54 - Do you think Andrew Tate is a return to paganism?

00:20:09 - Matthieu Pageau talks about the cycle of the moon as opposed to the cycle of the sun. Can you explain how these cycles are different, and perhaps how we can understand them better?

00:22:48 - Do you know of some source that explores the symbolic meanings of the different Greek gods and how it’s part of the Iliad and other stories?

00:25:16 - I was wondering if you could do a live symbolic commentary of this song: I’m Blue by Eiffel 65

00:28:18 - Explaining the difference between the soul, body and heart

00:30:55 - Back to the sun and moon: Samson and David

00:31:31 - What kinds of projects would you like to do that you haven’t already done? What would you do if you didn’t have to worry about the financial means to make it happen?

00:33:22 - Is there a relation between a harlot kissing Christ’s feet and anointing him and Judas kissing his cheek and betraying him?

00:41:13 - Do you know some czech or slovak fairy tales?

00:42:18 - “What is the difference between the heavenly realm (heaven and earth) and the intelligible realm (intelligible and sensible)?

00:45:55 - I’m having a hard time understanding the too-close perspective vs the foreign perspective. Specifically, in Joshua chapter 9 he is tricked into making a covenant by some of the cities that were close to him. Why would this be a problem in the ancient perspect

00:50:11 - Jonathan, can you please elaborate on your brother’s comment that we are living in the time of King David? What time comes next and how do we get there?

00:53:17 - What are your thoughts as to why Christianity doesn’t represent the feminine in its Holy Trinity?

00:55:25 - What is the symbolism of the diminished fertility of so many people these days and how is artificial fertilization to be evaluated from a Christian perspective?

00:58:15 - What is the symbolism of Christ’s garment being seamless?

00:59:40 - What is the symbolism of both Arabic and Hebrew being read right to left?

01:00:38 - Who killed Jesus and why does it matter? I always thought it was human failings

01:04:24 - Do (good) memes function as the “seed” form of certain truths? Feels like memes are incredibly dense with meaning with little actual “body”.

01:06:37 - Technology like ChatGPT is being described as a “calculator for words.” What principalities are we accessing and what dangers are we introducing by outsourcing human-evoked speech to machines?

01:07:56 - Have you considered space for creatives to share their work on the Symbolic World?

01:08:45 - What is the symbolism of there being essentially nothing of Jesus’s youth in the Gospel (aside from the finding in the temple)?

01:10:08 - Any chance you’ll end up on Joe Rogan soon?

01:10:50 - Is there an association between birds and madness? Such as “going cuckoo”, or in cartoons when birds fly in a circle over a character who is dizzy?

01:12:13 - Is Aaron’s rod the Heavenly Jerusalem?

01:13:37 - The symbolism of: In Mark 9:42 Jesus says: “And whosoever shall offend one of these little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.”

01:16:34 - What is the symbolism of children’s toys—teddy bears, puzzles, tops, etc?

01:18:48 - The symbolism of the crossing-over occurring between the geocentric and heliocentric solar systems and if it relates to the deisis

01:20:03 - What parts did you find problematic in Jordan Peterson’s “Message to the Muslims” and what are some good ways of talking with Muslims about Christ/Christianity?

01:23:45 - Modern people experience a significant barrier to participation in symbolism and religious life due to our habitual use of materialist categories and models. To what extent is it necessary to understand what you are doing when you go to church, pray etc,

01:25:47 - A story about St. Hilda of Whitby is associated with protecting the town from snakes

01:29:39 - A question about Dennis Prager, the burning bush and the value of miracles

01:31:16 - I just realized that the symbols used for the gospel writers, ox, man, eagle, and lion, are the same symbols shown on the tetramorphic cherubim. Is this something like an assertion that the unanswerable question posed by the cherub has been answered in Chris

01:34:56 - Would you ever have Jordan Daniel Wood on your show? He has a recent book out called “The Whole Mystery of Christ” about St Maximus’s theolog

01:35:42 - What is the significance of supplicating the saints to intercede on our behalf, for example, why ask to be saved through the intercessions of the Theotokos as opposed to directly through Christ’s sacrifice?

01:39:39 - Have you finished ‘Meditations on the Tarot”, and could you share your thoughts on it?

01:41:44 - Can you please expand on veils in iconography; specifically stretched cloth at the top or bottom of scenes like; Mystical Supper, Annunciation; Dormition etc

01:43:39 - Can you comment on economics and interest?

01:48:06 - Excited to watch the Exodus series on Daily Wire. Are there any other books you’d like to cover?

01:48:54 - How would you explain the Eucharist to an 8-year-old?

01:51:33 - Do you have any insight on the phenomenon that across many practices of different traditions (Christians, Muslims, Buddhist etc) converges into some form of meditation, praise, and worship, etc etc.?

01:52:41 - Do you have any advice for writing well?

01:54:25 - Saw one of your conversations with Richard Rohlin where St Isaac the Syrian was mentioned as a source of information regarding the ambiguous status of some of these beings. Do you have any more details about the nature and role of these beings?

01:56:18 - Symbolism of riddles in stories?

01:57:00 - In virtually all movies in the last few years a theme keeps coming back: the misunderstood monster. What makes this message so appealing to viewers to see the same message over and over again? And what would your variant be on this theme?

01:59:24 - Been a lot of drama about icons recently after a video by Gavin Ortlund. What would you say to a protestant who doesn’t have a problem with images per se, but does have a problem with the formal veneration of them, and the rather harsh language of Nicea II?

02:02:29 - Is there a link between the burning bush and golden calf, 666 and Solomon?

02:05:15 - I heard Jordan is planning a «vision for the world» meeting in London. Have you contributed to this and what do you think the impact of this will be?

02:07:05 - Is there a story where rebirth/resurrection is viewed as negative or evil or does this always have positive connotations? What does it mean to be reborn into evil?

02:07:55 - How does one go about establishing a proper pattern of authority over a parasitic pattern in their life?

02:10:25 - Could you more meditate on the meaning of beauty? (To be specific, should we make the world look more beautiful? Our cities, houses, clothes, …)

02:12:11 - Final remarks