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August 2020

00:00 First day of school, Apologies to Superchat, Beer

03:13 Is the story of Balaam and the donkey the same as the conversion of St Paul?

06:09 Will the far-left seeing imaginary monsters bring in real monsters?

08:48 Will baptism help me participate more fully in the life of the Orthodox Church and overcome demons?

10:39 Can you explain the symbolism of an animal horn used as a musical instrument?

13:36 How does one discern when symbolism happens and coincidence happens?

16:34 Could you please explain how the understanding of Christ’s unity affects how men and women are arrange in the church?

20:56 What did you observe about familial roles during your stay in Africa?

23:24 What do you think the symbolism is for the Holocaust Remembrance day and the Armenian Genocide Remembrance day being only a few days away from each other?

24:53 Is there a difference between God’s uncreated energies and principalities?

27:34 Do you think symbolic analysis can preclude you from participating in the Christian story?

29:38 Do you think there’s something about Mary that is missing the world?

33:22 Is your home renovation going well?

35:34 How’s the marginal excluded from the centre without being fully designated on the outside?

39:35 Do you think the 12 steps and the AA programme is an encounter with Christ without calling it that?

40:04 How’s God’s Dog coming along? Have you seen any of the Proud Boys vs Antifa battles in Portland and do you have thoughts on symbolism?

42:18 Was Matthieu Pageau influenced by the book Ian McGilchrist’s ‘Master and his Emissary’ when writing his Language of Creation?

43:10 What do you think of the Benedict Option?

45:09 Do you think the cartoon artistry of Moana intentionally drew the cave and the shell to look like a feminine shape?

46:01 Do you know of resources or things to read that guide people on how to embody what is good and virtuous, like St George, in context of the revival of Pagan tendencies?

49:34 Could you elaborate on cynicism?

51:26 Could you speak on the symbolism of the well?

57:17 What is the symbolism of toys, particularly models and recreations of real world objects?

1:00:10 Will you do any more movie analyses?

1:01:24 A question on the movement of left and right hands between levels of hierarchy

1:04:37 What on earth is going on in the story of Jesus exorcising Legion from a man?

1:06:51 When is 666 a problem for Christians? How would you explain this to others?

1:10:00 Do you have any tips or advice for someone who is looking to draw or paint?

1:11:48 What would be your advice to young men outside the church struggling to find community?

1:12:35 I’m struggling to understand the symbol of the lamb

1:15:54 Are there any stories in the Bible that reflects BLM supporters forcing people to raise their fists?

1:18:27 How can we encounter the essence of time?

1:22:27 What is the symbolism of talking to animals and talking animals?

1:26:41 What effects does the closing of canon have on a faith/tradition?

1:28:54 Is it heretical for the Orthodox to disagree with bishops on politics?

1:31:39 How does the goal of remembering oneself detract from remembering God?

1:34:32 Do seven ecumenical councils relate to seven days of creation?

1:36:41 How do you define individualism?

1:39:41 What do you think about masks within the temple being a form of iconoclasm?

1:41:37 Do you plan on making a video about the Alexander Romance?

1:42:11 What is more important, the beauty of the church or understanding the liturgy?

1:42:33 What do you think about the symbol of the rainbow flag for the NHS in England?

1:45:22 Is there any symbolism behind pirate stories?

1:46:32 Thoughts on Father Seraphim Rose

1:48:50 Is the Book of Daniel worth diving into?