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April 2021

00:00 Intro

03:40 Would you say there’s a connection between vegans and Cain?

06:30 Are humour and symbolism/tradition linked?

08:26 Can you explore the symbolism of the story of Samson?

12:09 Is a commission of a diptych St John of Damascus on the left and the three hands icon of the Theotokos on the right breaking any iconographic rules?

13:41 Any advise on navigating the symbolic worldview with kids?

15:06 When with Jacob and Esau meet?

15:54 Is Solomon a prefiguring of Christ?

17:14 As described in Language of Creation, what do wisdom, understanding and knowledge mean?

20:22 What does the human animal hybrid idol of human flesh and bone mean?

24:48 What are the losses when Christian missionaries plant new churches without a reference to ancient tradition?

27:38 Are we in the start or middle of a new wave of Gnosticism?

31:33 What is your opinion on abstract icons?

34:33 How should an Orthodox Christian right order their finances?

36:28 Could you discuss the symbolism of the two witnesses in Revelation?

39:08 What is your experience with tarot cards?

40:29 Reflections on liturgical circumvolutions?

43:39 What is a good way to help someone understand what Rene Guenon calls super-rational?

46:20 How would you describe Virgil in the Comedy?

49:20 What symbolic arc is within the last words of Christ?

50:17 Why does Russia hold an almost mythical role as the boogieman in the American mindset?

54:03 Why should you not read too much into dreams?

58:19 What is the symbolic meaning of shivers down spine?

59:33 Have you read St John of Damascus in terms of dragons and goats?

1:01:42 Can you go into the meaning of Christ not bearing the cross and Simon of Cyrene?

1:02:52 How can movement arts participate in the Divine Liturgy?

1:05:04 Thoughts on Lot’s daughters in Sodom?

1:09:56 Thoughts on Vervaeke’s response to the idea that reality is a hierarchy of meaning?

1:12:16 What symbolism/stories from the Bible do you find most puzzling?

1:14:19 Why did God wrestle as leviathan as the leviathan’s creator?

1:16:20 Why is it important for the hair of Medusa to be made of snakes?

1:18:12 Any thoughts on symbolic meaning of us trying to be a star-faring civilisation?

1:20:33 What is the meaning of not blessing the first born in scripture?

1:22:53 Comments on irony turning back on itself

1:24:38 Thoughts on the veganism movement?

1:25:59 Do you think that Christian temporal history is deterministic?

1:28:01 Could you elaborate on Mashall McCluhan on the western world’s conceptual bias?

1:29:09 Could you talk about the marble king legend?

1:30:37 Could you comment on the Queen of Heaven in Jeremiah and her relationship to the Mother of God?

1:35:55 Thoughts on the relationship between Pharoah and giants as tyrants?

1:37:40 What do you think it means that people are having pets rather than kids?

1:39:26 What do you think is the power behind a story with a ‘meta’ reality?

1:43:50 Can you offer any guidance on symbolic interpretations of stories that emerge from non-western sources?

1:45:54 Question on understanding un-embodied beings

1:48:59 What do you see in the meaning of different points of perspective in Orthodox art in comparison to cubism?

1:53:14 What are your favourite films that have flips in symbolism that are not part of post-modernist propaganda?

1:55:14 Can we use symbolism for democracy/freedom as in the past?

1:57:49 Why was Adam made from dust? Why was Eve made from his rib?

2:01:00 Have you watched The Chosen, and if so what are you thoughts?

2:01:59 After your last video and your talks on The Divine Comedy, can you tell us some thoughts on Milton’s Paradise Lost?

2:03:26 Is there a connection between masculinity and hunting and feminine and farming?

2:04:47 Would you ever consider doing a video on the Book of Enoch?

2:05:34 Is it against Eastern Orthodox teaching for women to participate in this kind of discourse?

2:08:23 Is there a relationship between a train and a serpent?

2:08:51 How could I send you a piece of digital art and get your reaction?

2:10:12 Can you help me with Christophanies in the old testament

2:11:07 When reading the Bible should we use the historic meaning of the words?

2:11:44 What is the argument against perennialism?

2:12:59 Do you have any thoughts on Gnosticism relating to calling out to Adam in the garden?

2:14:41 Do you believe the resurrection is literal?

2:18:18 Have you listened to Kendrick Lamar’s Good Kid MAAD City?

2:19:29 Any more news on God’s Dog?

2:19:50 Did you happen to see Kanye and Sunday Service perform at DMX’s memorial service?

2:20:37 Quebec seems to be in a grave spiritual state, is there hope?

2:22:21 Please can you explain how God is both the essence and personified?

2:23:09 Are there examples of warrior saints in the Tradition and who stands out to you?

2:23:45 Did Christ actually resurrect in reality?