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July 2021

00:00 Introduction and Announcements

08:49 What is the relationship between time and truth?

13:04 What is the symbolism of the ‘honey do’ list?

15:03 What is the symbolism of miscarriage?

19:46 How can we see the difference between spiritual development and prelest?

21:46 Is COVID a hybrid and how does it fit to the symbolic worldview?

23:40 Is there a right or good use of the desire to create cartoons?

26:45 What is the difference between the hybrid and the characters of the margin?

29:15 How can I decide which church to go to?

31:01 What is the meaning of the number 5 in relation to David and Goliath?

32:52 Why is there such a focus on repentance before death?

35:08 Can you explain the symbolic difference between head and heart?

38:01 What is the symbolism of the prohibition of boiling a kid in its mothers milk?

40:25 Can a simplified gospel message for evangelism be helpful?

42:40 Please comment on the symbolism of home-schooling

44:44 Can evil be understood as a contour of reality or of God’s extension?

47:08 Are secular places even a possibility?

49:37 How should I understand theosis?

51:22 Can all manner of monsters turn into Israelites (participate in the Church) and vice versa?

53:20 What role does St Paul play in Christianity, is he a dragon?

54:04 What is the symbolism of Constantine’s Battle of Milvian Bridge?

56:38 Why do millennials hate their lives?

59:17 Brave New World comes to mind every day, do you think there’s a story that best reflects reality now? PS Alex Jones - Human/Animal hybrids

1:01:04 In 2 Samuel, David takes a census of Israel, why is this a bad thing when Moses did a similar thing?

1:03:53 What is prayer?

1:06:16 Could you talk about how your life has changed since becoming Orthodox and viewing life through a symbolic lens?

1:07:44 What do you think of the enneagram?

1:08:03 Symbolism of the pipe organ?

1:10:11 Do you know Paul Tillich and do you consider yourself a radical Christian as expressed by John Vervaeke?

1:12:05 Do you think simulation theory is a swell of post-modern desire to believe that existence is inconsequential or a secular mask on a religious story?

1:14:27 Which gods are behind the Covid lockdown?

1:16:02 What is the Scandinavian countries in the Universal story?

1:18:44 Were you ever a Christian Platonist (Incarnation, St Maximus)?

1:19:57 Do symbols need to physically happen in reality?

1:23:50 What is the symbolism of kink and fetishes?

1:27:01 Have you ever read Lilith by George McDonald?

1:27:13 If you had a talk with someone who is new-age what would you argue regarding reincarnation?

1:29:16 Are sneezing and coughing fractal elements of exorcism?

1:29:42 What is the meaning of the two censuses in the Book of Numbers?

1:30:40 Did Jesus Christ pass away because he broke sacrilege laws when he took the sins of the world onto himself?

1:31:57 If sports can express the pattern of Logos, should we all become athletes?

1:33:25 Would you use inspiration from a dream in icon carving?

1:34:54 What is the role of theological discourse in relation to different levels of spiritual development?

1:38:23 What is the symbolism of the double-headed eagle?

1:40:26 Can you elaborate more on the symbolism of arks?

1:43:18 What is the symbol of wisdom being represented as a woman?

1:47:28 Differences and similarities of hand/eye/foot in relation to left and right?

1:49:15 What symbol would you focus on first when trying to understand your own life?

1:50:07 Could you talk about late-capitalism and neo-liberalism’s role in pattern inversion in relation to gender inversion?

1:53:17 What is the significance of a bush in the burning bush as opposed to a tree?

1:54:36 Any remarks on Joan of Arc?

1:57:05 Could you expand on death or decline of Christianity as being part of the story? What happens after that?

1:58:29 What would be your main critique of Vervaeke’s option? What do you think of his critique of theism?


2:02:15 What is the symbolism of tickling?

2:03:24 How does a proper relationship to anger look like practically in Christian terms?

2:04:53 Is not caring for your health a sin?

2:06:34 What is the symbolic nature of mandatory coerced vaccinations?

2:09:12 What is the symbolism of the Jews?

2:11:58 Is there an essential separation between Christian, Jungian and perennial school of perspectives on symbolism?

2:14:06 Does your wife study symbolism too?

2:14:03 Do you consider some Oriental Orthodox theology heretical?

2:16:17 Have you ever heard of puddle analogy? Do we force meaning onto arbitrary reality?

2:18:50 What is the symbolism of Simone Biles refusing the gold medal for mental health?

2:19:17 What does Christ mean by the broad way and the narrow way?

2:21:46 What is the meaning that Lot’s wife turned into salt?

2:22:42 Bodybuilding/Lifting?