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December 2020

0:00 Introduction - house update.

5:24 To which saint do you pray to most often except Mary?

6:01 What is ritual in regard to symbolism?

8:20 How do we talk to Christians and non-Christians about ideas such as gigantomachy as described in Lord of Spirits?

12:27 What does Walter Benjamin mean in his quote about politics and art?

16:00 Would you consider Tolkien/C.S Lewis to be symbolic thinkers?

17:43 Why did the principalities of Greco-Roman principalities continue to exist in names of things?

20:30 Why was it important for Paul to circumcise Timothy?

23:28 Is the return of Elijah before the second coming of Christ dogma of the Orthodox Church? How do we distinguish true from false prophets?

26:58 Are there any Miyazaki films that stand out to you symbolically?

27:51 What is the relation between Logos and logic?

31:17 Is there a parallel between the time of the second coming being unknown and Santa coming at night discreetly?

34:13 Would you consider notifying patrons by email about carvings you have done for sale?

36:15 Do you plan to continue your series on video-games?

37:10 What is more important to understand in the story of Christ - the nativity or the crucifixion?

39:49 What is the meaning of Genesis 15:9-11 where he makes sacrifices and drives away birds of prey?

42:36 In the Orthodox symbol of faith we say that Christ was crucified for our sins, do we create death through sin and in order to conquer death we have to die?

44:29 Is there a distinction between mind and soul perhaps in line with thought and prayer?

46:04 Are evangelical/charismatic churches on the edge of the world?

48:45 Given that as humans we evolve to live in symbiosis with other organisms, why should we negotiate rather than reject peace with artificial life?

51:19 Thanks

52:05 If we should approach Christianity as if it does not entail an afterlife, how should we understand passages about life after death?

55:06 Have you seen Videodrome (film based on Marshall McLuhan’s ideas)?

55:55 Have you any insight to the symbolism of spiders and its connection to the feminine?

58:05 ‘We are all children of God’ are we able to become the embodiment as God as Jesus was?

1:00:34 What are the examples and your own thoughts on the possibility for violent Christian counter-revolution?

1:04:07 Is there a connection between the way we write and the way we think? Emojis and symbolism

1:07:17 Is there any symbolism with respect to superstitions?

1:09:41 Could you expand on the topic of homosexuality in Christianity?

1:15:42 How do you see overwhelming cynicism playing itself out?

1:17:01 Is Heaven the realm of the abstract?

1:20:16 What would you say is the Orthodox view on destiny?

1:21:47 Do you have a resource for the HQ of the symbolic army?

1:23:03 Why is Judas always shown right next to Satan in visions of Hell?

1:24:59 How do you think we should approach secular identity trying to take pieces of Christian story without Christ?

1:28:00 What is the pattern of nudity?

1:30:30 What are your thoughts on Southern Baptist Tradition?

1:33:00 Arminianism, Calvinism, Open Theism thoughts?

1:34:17 Symbology of 4 living creatures in Revelation?

1:35:42 Comments on evangalism

1:36:44 Thoughts on first person Jesus Christ video game?

1:37:07 Do you agree that learning a language can be a spiritual exercise?

1:38:10 To what degree are dreams real?

1:40:25 Take on Avatar: The Last Airbender?

1:40:43 Can you speak on the tradition of burial sites and cremation in relation to Orthodox tradition?