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Oct 2019

4:54 - What makes prayer so powerful? What is Prayer?

12:08 - Prelest, spiritual deception, and psychedelics

17:00 - Talk about hierarchy of hierarchies? Or meta-hierarchy or meta-pattern?

19:38 - Problem with nostalgia

22:34 - What’s the difference between the soul and the spirit?

25:12 - The idea of Christ judging the living and the dead

30:40 - Any advice on how to talk about relics?

34:54 - Thoughts on the Pachamama pagan statue being stolen from the Catholic church? - Christianity and the Mother of God

41:30 - Retreating from society as a solution to breakdown?

44:21 - Balance between submitting to authority and having private experiences - optimal grip ito the modern pendulum swing

48:20 - Is there something symbolic about the phrase “scaled falling from the eyes”?

53:05 - Is the body neutral?

55:55 - Tama (votive offerings) and relating to principalities and saints? (Prayer)

1:05:09 - Thoughts on Westworld and future game NPCs suffering? (AI)

1:07:06 - Is the Holy Spirit feminine?

1:10:40 - Why is fasting in Orthodoxy basically vegan? Symbolism of meat

1:13:07 - Can you focus too much on your soul? The first sin (JBP and self-help/addiction advice)

1:18:38 - Do you and your brother Matthieu disagree on anything?

1:20:26 - Can you elaborate on the centrality and importance of language?

1:22:38 - What do you think of mormonism?

1:24:08 - Lack of symbolic understanding in our traditions / Change in how we see the world / Post-modernism

1:29:20 - Can you comment on the symbolism of the first born / first fruits

1:31:59 - “Revolutions are necessary because kings/hierarchies are corruptible” The story of King David and Jubilee

1:37:49 - Is democracy not preferred? With revolution built in every 4 years. - The problem with democracy (Combine with that clip of people who can stand above politics?)

1:40:19 - Orthodox take on the film Monty Python?

1:41:57 - Status of God’s Dog, the comic book?

1:44:20 - Meaning of Anarcho-capitalism and anarcho communism? / No easy political solutions