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Nov 2018

2:45 Hierarchy: pyramids vs fractals?

6:10 What’s the symbolism of a river?

8:43 Would you be interested in talking with Fr. John Behr? (Jonathan also talks about how he chooses his guests)

10:09 How to steer through modern disintegration in our churches?

13:45 On Jay Dyer

16:56 Structure and hierarchy in the church

21:39 Icons and the problem of mass-production —- He talks about it more here (this is the talk he’s referring to, see the Q&A section at the end):

23:07 How would you describe beauty?**

27:50 Conspiracies

30:05 Defining characteristics of people at the margins

34:30 Game of Thrones

35:56 Disagreeing with people in church.

42:00 What’s a story and what’s its purpose?**

47:34 Video request about telling a saint’s story

50:17 Would you say your God is a personal God and in what manner?

54:27 Reducing things to symbolism?

58:35 What’s the difference between Coptic Christianity and Eastern Orthodoxy?

1:00:38 De-incarnation in art

1:02:45 In what ways is the anti-Christ most usefully symbolized?

1:06:35 What relationship do you see between psychological reality vs material reality?

1:11:38 Request to do video on sacraments of the Eucharist

1:12:29 The Protestant idea that Earth is a waiting room and on the other side is heaven and hell, how do these relate?

1:17:44 Hierarchy of sin and passions

1:21:50 Owen Benjamin and Milo’s criticisms of JBP

1:30:37 Can you comment on the nationalistic icon in the Ukraine where St. George is vanquishing the two-headed eagle?