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December 2021

00:00:00 - Start & Announcements

00:03:34 - Could you explain the headless horseman symbolically?

00:04:34 - Last announcement

00:05:38 - A story about a foreign king that visits St. Simeon Stylite: worms turning into a pearl

00:07:44 - Have you any thoughts on the symbolism of linear perspective in art?

00:09:24 - Is the ongoing disappearance of the female “hidden space” one of the reasons why we have increasing trouble finding understanding and forgiveness?

00:10:22 - Are the four living creatures of Revelation the angels of the four Gospels?

00:11:14 - Can you explain why the samaritan woman is related to baptism?

00:15:28 - What literary sources would you recommend for this work?

00:16:43 - Is there a deeper significance to there being 3 different Marys at the Crucifixion?

00:18:49 - How do you know it’s God you’re worshiping and not an angel or Mother Mary?

00:20:19 - Do you think it’s possible to wade into the flood in order to piss in it without getting wet and raising the water level? (About God’s’Dog NFTs)

00:24:56 - What’s the relationship between demons, birds and dinosaurs?

00:27:12 - Symbolic meaning of unicorns and rhinos

00:31:26 - What is the symbolism of the butler and the baker in prison with Joseph?

00:34:11 - Can you help me understand why scripture sometimes emphasizes idol worship as “merely material”?

00:38:51 - What is the symbolism of Enoch and Elijah being taken into Heaven while still alive and not experiencing physical death?

00:43:23 - What is the symbolism of bearing spices/myrrh?

00:44:01 - What is the symbolism of turning a man into a pickle? Story of St Nicholas

00:47:37 - In the story of the Frog Prince, why is the violent action of the Princess throwing him against a wall the event that finally causes his transformation into a person?

00:48:52 - How to speak to materialists/atheists?

00:51:06 - What is the symbolism of honorable ritualistic suicide, specifically harakiri (plunging a weapon into one’s belly cutting a cross shape)?

00:52:29 - Has your symbolic worldview been much influenced by the Four Senses of Scripture (Historial, Allegorical, Moral, and Anagogical) developed from Origen’s writings for use in exegesis in the West? If so (or if not) how would you see your own approach as interac

00:54:37 - Do we “eat” our pets? The symbolism of eating and pets as extensions of us.

00:56:40 - What is the symbolism of stained glass windows?

00:58:05 - Are Christmas and Hanukkah symbolically somehow related or is it a coincidence that they occur around the same time?

01:00:30 - What is the symbolism of the copium meme? Or if you don’t know what that is, can you elaborate on why most icons of the crucifixion depict Jesus without the crown of thorns?

01:02:23 - How to reconcile slavery in Scripture in today’s world?

01:08:13 - “The journey is more important than the destination.” My question is, what are your thoughts on this? Is this at odds with the Christian story?

01:11:06 - What are some good sources of Orthodox lives of saints?

01:12:25 - St Christopher and bad translation

01:14:29 - The UFC and MMA in general seem to be taking over the sports world. How do you interpret the rise of combat sports and its crossover into the mainstream?

01:15:22 - In your conversation with Matt Fradd you use the example of a car being millions of things and one thing at the same time. In the ontological hierarchy, how does an example like this necessitate a supreme Being at the highest level?

01:18:50 - Am I right to understand a garment of skin as something neutral? If so, is our current movement towards trans humanism just another garment of skin?

01:20:52 - What is giving you hope about the current situation of continuing lockdowns and government overreach

01:22:12 - My question is about ways in which principalities manifest in our physical world. What differences are there between people embodying principality (willingly or unwillingly) and principalities taking particular physical (or rather visible) form, e.g., archang

01:26:04 - Question about the Trinity that Jonathan skips

01:26:56 - Jonathan hasn’t watched Spiderman No Way Home

01:27:20 - My question is about the Orthodox prohibition on depicting Christ as anything other than Himself in icons. If symbols are a way to point to a higher truth of something, why not admit other representations of Him, so long as they point toward divine glory?

01:29:37 - What can you tell us about understanding the symbolism of specific colors, meaning of Rudolph’s “red” nose?

01:31:41 - What is the symbolism or significance of the number 3 in that God is described as a trinity?

01:33:07 - Meaning of the 4 directions, especially West

01:36:02 - Whose prayer does God hear when two people pray for opposite things?

01:37:39 - To what degree do you believe the recent popularity in NFTs and specifically, the community element, are serving as an updated placeholder for our inherent need to “participate?”

01:40:42 - Orthodox Church as far as I know prohibits marriage within seven degrees of kinship. In the Old Testament we find Abraham and Sarah married even though they are closest of kin - I’m not sure what to make of this

01:41:51 - What is the symbolism of sobriety?

01:43:03 - The relationship between monstrosity and the Resurrection

01:45:07 - Do you have any advice for a new fantasy author?

01:46:21 - In your interview with Owen Broadcast you both said you wouldn’t use owls in your artwork due to their symbolism. What is that symbolism?

01:47:34 - Official Q&A over, engagement with the chat starts

01:48:20 - What’s the symbolism of red-light districts?

01:50:40 - Symbolism of saints in icons holding their hands over their chest area

01:51:29 - How did the discovery of America change/challenge the medieval symbolic thinking?

01:53:26 - Where does South America fit in the universal history?

01:55:01 - What is speaking in Tongues about?

01:57:15 - What did Fr Maximos Constas mean with “Everything needs a cross”?

01:58:17 - When will you complete your evangelization of Styxenhammer666?

01:58:48 - Outro