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Oct 2018

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2:37 - What’s your favourite movie and why? Symbolism in movies

4:17 - Have you read Sam Harris’ book, Waking Up? Opinion on new atheists (like Dawkins), Sam Harris’ jumping between ontological levels

8:06 - Your least favourite icons?

9:03 - White privilege = ethnic Gnosticism?

11:58 - What do you have to say about the pattern of the barren woman who conceives?

14:34 - Question about geometry in beauty - Comparing a more Renaissance image of beauty VS beauty in Orthodoxy. Church architecture and balance between unity and multiplicity. Pendulu swing in modern art

20:03 - Why did you initially get into the work of Derrida? What did you get out of it? Post-modernism. There is no “literal”. NB for literal meaning

22:26 - Jesus’ death and resurrection fills the hierarchy. Christ taking on sin? Did Jesus sin?

25:55 - Is fasting common in Orthodoxy?

26:42 - Robert Lent’s iconography. Individuals don’t get to decide who are saints - what makes a saint? On representing Christ (Connect with recent talk)

31:55 - Travels and speaking engagements

32:43 - How are time horizons represented in iconography?

35:08 - Please explain the connection/parallels between modern stories and Biblical stories? For example how Batman maps onto the story of Adam and Eve. Biblical stories are maps of reality

40:41 & 1:17:26 - What’s the significance of Christ’s garments being woven in one piece?

42:33 - Question about being assigned an angel of help as well as a corrupter

44:45 - Symbolism of Genesis 43 & 44, Joseph putting a cup in Benjamin’s bag? Double inversion

47:18 - Why does the Holy Spirit descend like a dove?

50:01 - What’s the role of disagreeable people in church?

51:57 - Symbolism of hair

52:53 - How does one know when do walk on the waters or whether to dive below? (Baptism)

54:55 - How does Donald Trump fit in with the Biblical stories or the patterns of the world? Holy fool

59:05 - Ancient forms of medicine and the placebo effect - self-referential influence. The problem with the way medicine is viewed today.

1:04:10 - Can you discuss the perpetual virginity of Mary? Why is this important symbolically and how does it apply to the church?

1:06:15 - Is there anything in Matthieu’s book that you disagree with?

1:08:28 - Good primer on the concept of Logos? Where can I start if I want to understand it better?

1:08:55 - What do you make of the political inversion happening?

1:09:26 - If Santa exists, do the mythological gods also exist? And is this in conflict with Christianity? The Romans and the emperor Augustus - Christianity being an answer to that

1:13:25 - Are you familiar with I Ching?

1:14:09 - If Christ is the only person who can really accurately explain himself to someone, what are you talking about? Isn’t this material supposed to be expounded upon by a priest?