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November 2020

0:00 Introduction

4:42 Why are sea-monsters created rather than made?

5:43 How do you talk about the Eucharist as real?

7:51 Is the story of Joseph being played out in Christ?

9:26 Are you planning on focusing on other video platforms?

11:56 Could you discuss the distinction of whole-burnt/partly-burnt sacrifices?

14:40 Symbolic pattern of jealous principalities/fallen angels?

20:08 why does God have to exist outside of ‘the system’?

22:37 What constitutes a pre-renaissance identity and how is it different from modern identity?

26:49 Is it right to say South is closer to West symbollically than it is to East? And North being closer to East than it is to West?

30:03 Should symbolism be explained?

32:30 What is the symbolism of red hair?

34:01 What is the medieval symbolism of Laurus?

35:11 What is the symbolism of hunting?

36:52 What are your thoughts on symbolism of Jeopardy?

38:05 Can you talk about the filioque?

39:53 How do you relate right/left hand symbolism to St Andrew?

41:40 Why does Christianity have more women than men in church?

43:37 What meaning do twins have?

47:49 Is the antichrist message that meaning is an illusion/reality can be anything?

50:06 What do you think about currency?

52:26 Do you think there was anything better you could’ve done in your conversation with Rationality Rules?

54:27 Is there a symbolism for how right and left hand come together?

57:45 Why do we refer to God the Father as the Father?

59:59 What patterns do spirits who manifest themselves as feminine follow?

1:01:57 How do you deal with abstraction in the modern world?

1:06:30 What is the symbolism of vaccines?

1:09:05 Should we think of the heathen nations in the Psalms as the demonic principalities?

1:11:29 In traditional symbolism is anger considered fundamentally different to other emotions?

1:12:46 What is the symbolism of the icon of the Image Not Made By Hands?

1:15:37 What have you recently come to terms with?

1:17:40 What is the symbolism of hate?

1:19:09 What is the meaning of Christ entering Jerusalem on a donkey?

1:20:55 When does humility turn into self loathing?

1:23:47 Could you please explain the pattern of intercessory prayer?

1:26:34 Do Orthodox have the same stance as Catholic on creation as ‘ex nihilo’?

1:30:23 Is there anything symbolic about the moon and its phases?

1:31:35 Is Jesus also somehow Satan?

1:34:28 Is there significance in the two ways that Judas died?

1:36:04 Are we fated to relive the story of Daniel and the lions in relation to COVID?

1:37:18 Could you elaborate more on Big Tech in the culture war and manufacturing chaos?

1:39:55 Is a function of the Christian idea of the Eschaton hope?

1:41:43 What do you think about the G– R—-?

1:44:18 Are there any traditions of colonial America have enough cosmological patterns worth discussing?

1:45:42 What is the symbol of St John resting his head on Jesus’ chest?

1:47:24 How does longing for justice fit with the symbolic worldview?

1:49:30 Could you give more insight into the symbolism of Sabbath?

1:52:55 What is the deal with Seth the son of Adam? Is there a link with Satan?

1:55:09 What is your view on Buddhism?

1:58:07 Thoughts on the line and colour debate in Western Art?

2:00:09 What do you think is interesting in the legend of Charlemagne?

2:02:15 Why is my luck so bad?

2:03:05 What do you think of Eastern Catholicism?

2:05:12 Is the name of Charlemagne’s sword related to the happy warrior archetype?

2:06:30 What is the symbolism of smoking cigarettes and pipes?

2:07:46 Can you do a video on the nature of the force and if it would be considered a deity?

2:09:20 Did you see Sam Harris officially left the ‘IDW’