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Mar 2020

0:21 - Some commentary on the Coronavirus situation

3:14 - Asterix comic prophetic of the coronavirus

8:26 - Any thoughts on the Russian fairy tale, Vasilisa the Beautiful?

10:47 - Thoughts on St Isaac the Syrian saying “Let yourself be persecuted but do not persecute others”

16:07 - Symbolism of the serpent in the Bible - he refers to his article “Serpents and Orthodoxy”

19:42 - Do you think it’s still worth going to university?

21:37 - Is it safe to equate principalities to Platonic forms ? Or are they more than that?

23:46 - Can you discuss the etymological relationship between symbol (that which is thrown/cast together) and diabolos/the devil?

28:25 - Why is homosexuality called an abomination in Christianity? How to reconcile this with genuine love between two people?

33:23 - How justice and mercy relate to quality and quantity? On incarceration and punishment

39:32 - Symbolism of swearing? Relationship between death and glory

44:43 - What’s the symbolism of doppelgangers, seeing as they’re often harbingers of death? Does it have something to do with separation?

48:29 - You mentioned that Jacques Derrida combined with a sense of hierarchy would be a great thing. But I’m confused - what would a post-modern hierarchy look like?

52:41 - Why do we cringe when we hear a story told in a bad way? Why do we focus on the skill of the storyteller rather than the essence of the story, especially in Christian films?

55:24 - Does the Bible or Orthodox Christianity have anything to say about ancestor worship? If not, how do you perceive it? Sainthood in Orthodoxy

58:52 - What is grace?

1:02:26 - These days more and more of our activities and communication is happening through our screens. What is a screen? Can you share some thoughts on the difference between a picture/representation of a thing and the thing itself? Image

1:05:52 - What are your thoughts on deconstruction (the academic term for systematic pulling apart of the belief system you’re raised in) and why is it so common in the West?

1:08:31 - What is Divine Darkness?

1:11:28 - Your opinion on Alan Watts? Psychedelics

1:12:52 - Will there be any memory of this life in the afterlife? Any idea why toilet paper is the most in-demand object in the apocalypse?

1:14:11 - Is the Logos the Yin to some other Yang? Or are the Yin and Yang united in the Logos? Does anything stand outside of the Logos? And is there a notion in Orthodoxy of integration with the shadow? Thoughts on Jung

1:16:46 - Many short and sweet phrases in the Bible really puzzle me. What does it mean to “fall on your face” for example?

1:17:43 - Why do you think the movie “Parasite” was most praised movie last year?

1:18:49 - How’s your brother Matthieu doing? Can you expand on the idea in his book of meta-space crowned by time?

1:20:57 - How did you learn to make liturgical art?

1:25:39 - On caring about what people on the internet think of you: Is it a consequence of the Fall? Public humiliation

1:28:04 - Thoughts on the religious vs scientific understanding of freedom. Isn’t freedom to participate in God, who is infinite? (Sorry, I’m paraphrasing the question a lot)

1:29:37 - Is there a relationship between Genesis 1, Jesus’ birth and resurrection?

1:31:36 - How does one deal with being physically ugly?

1:35:06 - I feel like so much of symbolic interpretations seem to be post hoc. What do you have to say about that?

1:37:03 - Regarding humility - how do we know when we’re being a soldier or agitator or peacemaker or coward?

1:39:16 - Can you talk about the parables that deal with the doors of the kingdom of heaven being one day shut? And an Orthodox understanding of Revelation?

1:41:40 - Any history books you would recommend to help see symbolic patterns in history?

1:42:47 - What is the symbolism behind David x Goliath?

1:43:40 - I was born into, and later disillusioned by the LDS church, leaving a while ago. Advice for trying to find a way to “empty and refill” their cup re: ideas and symbols of Christianity?

1:45:53 - What’s the meaning of the first chapter of Ezekiel? Especially the wheels within the wheels with eyes on the rims

1:47:37 - What’s your opinion on video games?

1:50:22 - What’s your perspective on Apocatastasis? Does the post-communion prayer: “…Let Thy flames devour …my transgressions.” have an analogy to the purifying fire of God’s judgement?

1:53:14 - What is the symbolism behind tipping our hats like we used to in Victorian times and or of taking our hat off inside a building and or at a funeral.