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September 2021

0:00 Introduction (God’s Dog, Jordan Peterson)

06:50 Why are celebrities saying they sold their soul to the devil?

07:48 Why don’t Christians celebrate Sukkot, the Feast of Tabernacles?

09:38 Do you have any thoughts on HP Lovecraft?

11:15 If an election induces a mini-revolution to prevent a real one, is it still a vaccine if it produces no effect?

13:30 Is admiration a kind of participation?

17:25 Is the internet the whore of Babylon?

19:00 The pattern of heavenly/earthly items being offered to Joseph due a famine in Genesis 47.15

23:13 What would it mean for the ‘procedure’ to become the Mark of the Beast?

27:15 Is there a relationship between the scrolls of the apostles in icons of Pentecost and the head-coverings in 1 Corinthians 11?

31:41 What insight can we draw from Ruth and Esther? (the foreign woman, a woman marrying the foreigner, carnivals)

36:07 What is the concept behind theosis? What is its praxis?

39:28 Is there any symbolic dissonance when an infant is re-baptised as an adult?

42:00 What is the symbolism of 1 Kings 20 regarding the lion killing a man?

43:05 What is difference between the nephilim and a god-king such as pharaoh?

45:48 The book Sapience by Yuval Noah Harari says there are no narratives in human history - what do you think?

47:33 Does Christ filling the hierarchy make him the Spirit of God?

50:08 How does actors and the art of acting fit in the Symbolic worldview?

52:28 Is the idea of human rights a Christian value or Enlightenment?

55:01 Free will

58:58 What media presents the medieval era right?

1:02:11 Symbolism of deacons

1:03:34 Magic

1:05:49 Will you talk with Deacon Enoch?

1:06:34 Thoughts on cremation?

1:09:14 Symbolism of Judges 19.29

1:11:33 Why do Moses, Jesus and Paul go through the desert instead of a garden to find God?

1:14:48 Is the difference between Catholic and Orthodox only cultural?

1:16:23 Symbolism of the Caduceus?

1:19:44 Symbolism of Rapunzel

1:25:28 What is the story of Jael about?

1:30:18 Pattern of portraying Archangel Gabriel as a villain

1:32:40 Have you seen examples of attempts of transfiguration through our own hands?

1:33:29 Symbolic significance of Pompey desecrating the Temple in Jerusalem and then dying by assassins in Egypt and decapitated?

1:34:42 Symbolic dragons dream interpretation

1:36:30 Why are demons better able to identify Christ than his disciples?

1:37:24 Is the procedure the mark of the beast or just a precursor?

1:37:48 Is cannibalism a form of seeking intimacy from others?

1:39:35 Is new age becoming Christian Gnosticism?

1:42:10 Is there a point to secular art?

1:44:53 What did you think of the film of the Green Knight?

1:49:38 Symbolism of ice and temperature (in particular Dante)

1:52:30 Symbolism of synthetic mind-altering drugs?

1:53:30 Is Jesus walking in the desert and walking the earth for 40 days after his resurrection a joining of opposites?

1:54:04 Should Orthodox Christians avoid horror?

1:56:16 Are suggestion algorithms like powers and principalities?

2:01:07 Should you move to places where you will fit in rather than face scorn?

2:02:45 Question on the pattern of the eschaton

2:05:09 Attack on Titan

2:05:52 What is the symbolism of loud church bells heard from far away?

2:07:01 Could you expand on kenosis?

2:09:30 What are you doing that is different to Fr Andrew Damick in recovering the Christian story?

2:11:12 Is the middle between opposites always a paradox?

2:12:08 How can we participate in symbolic meaning?

2:12:49 Symbolism of fear?

2:15:16 What is the symbolism of the anti-hero?

2:17:31 What is the role of Protestantism in God’s plan?

2:19:45 How should I define beauty?

2:22:51 Have you heard of Meme Analysis?

2:23:10 What is the significance of 7 jars of water at the Wedding in Cana?

2:25:23 Symbolism of blaspheming

2:26:10 Why did the symbol of the Christian knight fall?

2:29:03 What would you say to praying to the saints is heresy/idolatry?

2:30:03 Why does Richard Rohlin say that Wichita is the Fourth Rome?

2:30:33 What in your eyes would be the best picture of the Christian warrior who suffers from past sin?

2:31:40 Why pray to only certain saints if we’re all saints?

2:33:43 If we escape tyranny, are you optimistic for mass self-reflection?