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BoM Discord Q/A with guest Jonathan Pageau

0:00:50 Intro

0:02:00 Will JPa give other talks in Europe?

0:02:30 Does the way we talk about hierarchy undermine the separation between church and state?

0:09:50 Does transitioning of gender give symbolic power to works of filmmakers?

0:12:15 Can Charismatic Movement renew church and can church curb chaos of the Charismatic?

0:15:40 Can JPa expand on God’s energies?

0:21:40 Is panentheism basic Orthodox theology?

0:24:45 What is the role of Germany in Universal History?

0:28:45 Does asceticism (denial of earthly goods) mean that families requiring worldly focus are doomed to be lower?

0:33:25 Does Christianity have to be defeated to rise victorious in the natural symbolic order?

0:38:25 What’s the connection between marriage and martyrdom?

0:40:40 What’s the symbolism of sport?

0:43:20 Can JPa tell us something about the history of icon carving?

0:45:10 What hair product does JPa use?

0:45:35 How does technology square with Christianity (good/bad)?

0:48:55 What’s the primary art of the Orthodox Church?

0:49:20 How do I square multiple denominations instead of an one only church and my relationship with Christ?

0:51:25 What’s JP’a view of the Assyrian Church?

0:54:45 Can JPa explain: The master commended the unjust steward (Luke 16)?

0:57:45 How does Eastern Orthodoxy safeguards against misinterpretations of symbolic patterns?

1:00:30 Do Saints Peter and John embody patterns of Western and Eastern traditions respectively?

1:01:40 Has JPa read books of Joseph de Maistre?

1:02:30 What’s the symbolism of Freemasonry?

1:08:35 Spirit of End of the world vs Spirit of the Beast

1:11:05 Can we understand fundamental interactions in physics and evolution in a symbolic way?

1:16:40 What’s the symbolism of tattoo’s and is it sin?

1:20:20 How to look at symbolism with chaos in the center and structure at the margins?

1:24:35 Are storytelling and discussion a way of auditory icon creation?

1:26:10 How has talking about this stuff affected JPa’s faith?

1:27:55 Should we look at Middle Ages and not ancient near east or second temple Judeanism to interpret scripture?

1:31:45 Why is prophecy associated with the feminine?

1:38:00 JPa and Richard Rolin as spirits of Time Bandits (film 1981)

1:38:35 Does WandaVision has a story arc that is rather Christian than satanic?

1:46:40 Is God so loving and merciful that he’s unjust from a orthodox perspective?

1:49:25 Landing the plane