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October 2021

⭐️ Special thanks to Maija and Sam for this months timestamps ⭐️

0:00 Announcements: Trip to Florida, Conversations, Talks, Podcast, God’s Dog Crowdfunding, NFT Version and Rokfin

07:23 Update: Changes to Monthly Q&A Format

8:55 What is the symbolism of the volcano and how is it related to the flood?

10:19 What is the link between creation and singing?

12:28 How should Christians think about death and damnation?

14:45 Can you elaborate on the symbolism of hornets (Exodus 23:28)?

15:28Can you elaborate on the symbolism of the man who was stoned for picking up sticks on the Sabbath (Numbers 15:32,36)?

17:04 What do you think about Roland Barthes’ “Mythologies”?

19:12 Can you elaborate on the symbolism of being pierced in the Bible?

25:00 In my dream a cow swallowed a wolf - have you come across this image before? Could you elaborate on the symbolism?

26:06What influence have Neil Gaiman (and Alan Moore etc) had on how Americans tell stories in the past 20 years?

28:49 Can you comment on Critical Theory?

32:02 What is the significance of Jacob and Esau being given the second names Israel and Edom?

35:35 At The Last Supper Jesus revealed His traitor as “he that dippeth his hand with me in the dish”. Why didn’t the apostles pursue Judas after hearing this?

37:24 Why does it say in the Book of Revelation that the leaves of the Tree of Life are for the healing of the nations?

39:29 Why does the bride wear white and the bridegroom black?

41:18 Why do many Christians see the Eucharist as just a symbol when it truly is Christ? Why do even Satan worshipers believe in it more?

43:09 Thoughts on the Russian Orthodox priest, theologian and philosopher Sergei Bulgakov?

44:43 Which Biblical story offers insight into the problem of becoming what you’re railing against at a time of political strife, or of extremes turning into one another?

48:54 How can a Christian use an immoral technology, such as take a Covid vaccine that is created by using aborted fetal cell lines?

52:22 Which one of all the icons you’ve carved are you most satisfied with?

53:22 Are the miracle healings where Christ uses saliva to heal blindness and muteness a parody of the symbolic structure of waters from above?

55:27 Is there a deeper meaning to the subversive trope where a woman dresses as a man in order to trespass patriarchal boundaries and to prove herself in a battle? E.g. Éowyn and Mulan.

58:09 Why do time travel stories of people going into the past to change events appear only in the 16th century, when there are some older stories of people traveling into the future?

1:00:47 How was the modern era of dualism inaugurated by nominalism inevitable and why did the medieval synthesis have to fall apart?

1:03:55 Symbolism of blowing candles on a birthday cake, making a wish and serving the cake.

1:05:55 What do you make of the claim that we’re living in an extroverted society that rejects introversion and rewards extraversion?

1:07:57 Is it normal for human dynamics for organized groups to hide some impure secret, sin or lie from the start, while also demanding transparency especially when it comes to our rival groups?

1:10:21 What’s the difference between symbolic and poetic thinking?

1:12:06 Forms are persistent and finalized from creation. Anything newly invented is a derivative of an already established form. A thing at the border of being totally new appears as a chaotic monster.

1:15:00 Metaphysics of patterns and the angel of a city: Pure patterns exist eternally in the Mind of God, they need bodies to exist in the world.

1:16:57 Speculative symbolism behind the sign of the cross and associating different movements with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

1:18:29 The best and the worst Christian movies?

1:20:40 The Chosen series and the happy smiley Jesus.

1:22:05 As per the last Ethiopia discussion, what would it entail for one to be inside the Ark?

1:25:42 In the 17th century painting by Jacob Jordaens ‘Moses and his Ethiopian wife Zipporah’ she is wearing a headpiece that looks like the cruciform halo of Christ.

1:27:08 Early Christians bringing in a higher form of the pattern in a non-revolutionary manner, ancient Romans not able to perceive it and persecuting them for not participating in the public cult.

1:29:39 In the French podcast Jonathan and JP Marceau discussed Peter and John, Martha and Mary as examples of contemplative and active. Is this akin to what Matthieu describes as meaning and matter?

1:30:53 Are Old Testament prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah relevant of symbolic patterns occurring in the modern Western culture?

1:32:00 Is it right hand–left hand symbolism that in icons of the Harrowing of Hades where the saints at the right hand of Christ (St John the Forerunner and kings of Israel) are depicted with halos, while the saints on His left are not (Abel and the patriarchs)? Why is St John on the right hand of Christ and not left?

1:33:21 Is there any specific prayer that helps you fight despondency and to refocus yourself?

1:33:54 Star of David, two triangles, the hexagram, from Orthodox perspective.

1:35:12 What is the correct way to understand generational curses or sins, such as the pattern of alcoholism with all its secondary subtler patterns?

1:41:52 Is the sacrifice of the Son, the Lamb slain before the foundation of the World, the only way there can be something rather than nothing and finite things can come into being out of the infinite?

1:43:13 We’re commanded to be obedient to our authorities, but how to know when participation in a system is a graver sin; us choosing a worldly good instead of obedience to God? Mark of the Beast and explicit apostasy.

1:45:28 Alexander Dugin the Russian political analysist and instrumentalization of religion.

1:46:48 The fourteen trees that retain old foliage for two years in the book of Enoch.

1:48:07 Is a roughly finished “wild” cabin a masculine structure or is it a feminine structure (potential) inviting the masculine?

1:49:12 Symbolism of the healing power of Peter’s shadow in Acts 5?

1:49:40 Is there symbolic difference between exclusion from an identity and the marginal?

1:51:45 Will Jonathan’s artwork be offered as NFT’s?

1:54:06 Symbolism of mosh pits in concerts?

1:55:04 How to draw a line between authenticity and relating symbolic patterns in one’s writing to avoid clichés?

1:57:44 In Navigatio Saint Brendan comes to an island filled with birds, who are fallen spirits. St Brendan spends pascha with them worshipping God. The birds as intermediary spirits who aren’t totally evil akin to jinns.

1:59:51 The End