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October 2022

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00:00:00 - Announcement about Q&As WEBSITE QUESTIONS

00:02:37 - Matthieu was explaining his ideas on sacrifice and talked about the blood being a cleansing/cleaning/re-start and the flesh as a new flesh for the spirit to manifest in. Is this related to the Eucharistic blood and body of Christ?

00:03:56 - What’s going on with Kanye?

00:06:46 - Question about Christ on the cross as the “world egg”.

00:10:09 - In the Qur’an God teaches Adam how to name the animals rather than granting him the authority to name them. What’s the significance of this?

00:17:23 - What’s the best way to deal with a dad who is sometimes emotionally abusive?

00:19:29 - Is the network of airports completely wrecking our symbolic understanding of geography and national identity?

00:22:05 - Learning from the internet has been great for gaining knowledge, but can you think of any liminal ways that one can truly grow spiritually, in a “teacherless” world?

00:23:22 - A question about AI. Is a creator always above a creation? Can humans even really “create” anything? What are your thoughts?

00:27:27 - “Undying Nephilim” changed his username

00:27:59 - Could you please tell me what you think the symbolism of the Fish is in the book of Tobit? The church fathers have differing opinions.

00:29:42 - I had a question concerning a son sleeping with his father’s concubines and why that is seen as a way of taking his power?

00:32:44 - You describe Christ going to the lowest, and from that point, reflecting the highest. Do you think this is feminine? Both in terms of reflecting the masculine light from the heavens, and also in terms shaping that reflection from the chaos and decay at the lo

00:35:00 - What do you think about creating new content by taking elements or story structures of pagan or non-christian myths and giving them Christian meaning?

00:36:59 - In the painting “Treachery of Images” by Rene Magritte, the image is the depiction of a tobacco pipe with the words “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” (“This is not a pipe”) printed on the bottom of the painting. What is your perspective on the message of this paintin

00:39:50 - Is there a connection between the hen Jesus compares himself to in Matt

23:37 and the rooster that crows a short time later?

00:40:43 - After listening to your talk with Fr De Young, how would the internet be exorcised?

00:41:50 - Could you talk about which place brought you the most symbolic insight to the story of Christ in your trip with JBP? SUBSCRIBESTAR

00:46:08 - Do you find the historicity of the Bible to be of significance? If so, what significance does it have?

00:48:49 - Back to thinking about Christ entering Gethsemaneh

00:49:36 - In your Cain & Abel video you drew comparisons between it and stories from other cultures. You mentioned Romulus and Remus but never returned to it like you did with the other stories. If there was more to say about it I’d love to hear it

00:54:36 - I was wondering if you have heard of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen?

00:55:00 - What is the symbolism behind lying? Is there a frame, a story from Scripture, with which I can ever escape from this hell? God created us free because He wants us to love Him freely. But why are some people endowed with such weak courage? PATREON

00:59:29 - Eve refers to the forbidden tree as “the tree in the middle of the garden”, but there are two trees there. Is there any unifying principle for the two trees?

01:02:34 - A question about a Native American symbol, the medicine wheel, that’s similar to the cross

01:03:58, - How would you explain the Christian view of force/violence? When is it right to be a martyr and when it is right to fight back? There seems to be a tension here.

01:07:47 - There has been a lot of talk about Nuclear Bombs this year. How would you describe their symbolic meaning in the imagination (at least in Canada)? Has this image changed so much without many people realizing this?

01:10:01 - Why do outhouses often have a crescent moon on them?

01:10:53 - Since God calls us to be as pure as possible, does he also call us to be as fit and hygienic as possible?

01:14:02 - Speaking of Chinese martial arts, is there a connection between Christianity and Taoism? I always found it curious that both traditions identified themselves as “the way” amongst other things.

01:15:00 - Back to talking about hygiene

01:15:41 - A question about salvation and how God is outside of time. Or is it possible for a person to be saved as they were AT that time? Or is salvation a linear process in Earth-like time?

01:19:24 - Why did Abraham and others rather marry cousins than mix with the foreigners?

01:24:28 - The literary structure of a “chiasm” (a “there-and-back again” / nested pair pattern) appears all over the place in Scripture. Do you think recovering this mode of reading / interpretation can help recover a symbolic appreciation of Scripture?

01:25:33 - A question about out autobiographical self being a layer of garments of skin and what it means to enter the heart.

01:26:48 - The new website

01:28:41 - Is the salvation of any dependent on the salvation of all in the eschaton?

01:31:02 - Do you think you can be attracted to ugly things? How would you know the difference between what is beautiful and what is ugly?

01:34:12 - What is the symbolism of the game Truth or Dare?

01:35:02 - Can you give advice about how to do dialectical discussions well?

01:36:04 - Where’s the new Symbolic World logo?

01:36:33 - A question about how people in the Late Middle Ages thought in terms of materialism and spiritual meaning

01:41:09 - What do you think of Elon Musk’s Baphomet costume for Halloween?

01:42:29 - Do you plan on hosting in-person carving classes in the future, specifically in the US?

01:43:31 - Back to Elon Musk’s costume

01:43:53 - What is the limit of participation for men within the cosmic feminine and women within the cosmic masculine?

01:47:04 - Will humans have an active part in the building of the holy city, the New Jerusalem of Revelation?